GASLIGHTING: White House Wants You To Ignore Reality After Making Absurd Claim About the Recession

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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was spewing more lies ahead of the election, to try and save whatever votes he could from the disastrous Biden economy. 

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The economy is in shambles and everyday American citizens know it. Yet the talking heads for the Biden administration continue to gaslight us on just how bad the economy really is. 

The Daily Wire reports. As Democrats make their final pitch days before the midterm elections, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain insisted the United States is not in a recession.

A recession in the United States is defined by two consecutive quarters of negative growth, despite an increase in economic output during the third quarter. As an example, output contracted 1.6% in the first quarter and 0.6% in the second quarter. In an interview with MSNBC, Klain said that the economy is recovering robustly under Biden. Despite multiple quarters of negative growth.

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But even with the talking heads spouting lies about the economy, there are others who are pushing back against them.

Daily caller writes. A former Republican presidential candidate and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, Steve Forbes, blasted the Federal Reserve’s efforts to address inflation on Fox Business Network on Monday.

Since March, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates multiple times, with the latest increase occurring in July. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in an Aug. 26 speech that “some pain” for households was an acceptable price for controlling inflation in the first and second quarters of this year.


The Biden administration’s serial lying has reached new levels with their gaslighting of the American public on the state of the economy. Their absurd claim that we never experienced a recession under their leadership is just another desperate attempt to win votes before the midterm disaster that is sure to hit. It’s disgusting, really, that they think they can just brush off one of the core principles of economics and manipulate reality for their own political gain. But we won’t be fooled by these serial liars and their gaslighting tactics. The economy may be in shambles, but at least we have the knowledge and common sense to recognize it as such. The Biden administration should take note and start actually offering solutions instead of trying to cover up the truth. It’s time for them to stop gaslighting America and face reality head on.

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