McCarthy FIRES BACK At Biden Over Rhetoric – ALL ABOUT YOU

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Kevin McCarthy drops a bomb of a tweet over a recent speech given by President Biden.

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Biden has been giving speech after speech over the last few months calling over 70 million Americans threats to democracy, as well as stating that Americans cannot fight against f-15 fighter jets. While Biden has been increasing the rhetoric on the campaign trail, Republicans are firing back.

Breitbart reports. Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy hit back at President Joe Biden after he made a desperate plea for Democrats to vote Democrat in the upcoming midterms to protect democracy from MAGA extremism.

After his speech, Kevin McCarthy tweeted that the midterms will be about the president and his failures, not Republican extremists.

The tweet by McCarthy read “Incorrect @POTUS, it’s all ABOUT YOU. You refuse to address Americans top concerns. Why? Because your policies and inept administration have FAILED our nation. In six days, Republicans will win convincingly and help put America back on track.”

This tweet came after Biden told Americans that Democracy itself is on the line in a recent speech.

Fox news reports. As part of his speech on Wednesday night, Biden called on Americans to vote for Democrats in order to protect democracy from Republicans. 

Some critics have called Biden’s decision to focus exclusively on calling out GOP opponents “despicable” rather than covering key issues facing voters on Nov. 8.

Lets see his speech.

Kevin McCarthy’s swift pushback against President Biden’s outrageous attack on the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump shows the true contrast between Republican leadership and Democratic extremism. Biden has once again proven that he is a danger to America, calling millions of his own constituents “threats to democracy” and saying they’ll need fighter jets to take on the government. Meanwhile, the economy is still struggling and businesses are struggling under the weight of Democrat failure. But Republicans are not sitting idly by – we are driven by our commitment to protecting America and fighting for everyday Americans. The midterms will be a referendum on Democrat failures, and the 2022 elections will bring a red wave as voters reject the dangerous policies of Joe Biden and his party. And don’t forget – we have Trump 2024 on the horizon, ready to make America great again.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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