WAIT WHAT? Confused Biden FLIPS on Promise After ABSOLUTELY WRECKING America

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WOW! President Joe Biden makes himself look like a complete fool once again. SHOCKER! 

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Joe Biden once again is slamming Americans with his hypocrisy. One week he says one thing, the next week it’s another. When will the Democratic games end?

Breitbart reported. President Joe Biden complained that oil companies were not drilling enough for oil, despite his long history of trying to block oil and gas production in the United States. 

Biden stated during a campaign speech in New Mexico “We haven’t slowed them down at all, they should be drilling more than they’re doing now,” Biden said. “If they were drilling more we’d have more relief at the pump.”

Before Biden even took office he promised to wage a war with gas production companies. 


After taking office Biden immediately signed executive orders canceling drilling on federal lands, stopping the xl pipeline, and removing fracking rights across the country. 

Biden finished his campaign rally in New Mexico by stating “that the oil industry had not met its commitment to the American people by charging too much for gas and making billions of dollars in profits.” and that the profits were “windfalls of war”

This is not the first time Biden has been caught up in a lie. He has constantly lied to the American people since before he even came into office as president and was caught RED handed every time.  

Townhall writes, In order to cut their losses in next week’s midterm elections, the Biden administration is lying to the American people about gas prices.

During remarks on Monday, Biden once again blamed Putin for the gas prices skyrocketing in our country, but then wildly claimed that gas prices have come down due to the action he has taken.


President Biden’s recent complaints about the high price of gas and lack of drilling in the United States are contradictory and hypocritical, given his long history of trying to limit oil and gas production. While he may be campaigning for Democratic candidates in oil-producing states like New Mexico, his actions as president have played a significant role in limiting oil and gas production. He has leased fewer acres for drilling than any other administration since the end of World War II, directly contributing to lower supply and higher prices. Instead of blaming the industry for not meeting its commitments, perhaps President Biden should take a look at his own policies and their impact on the market. It’s time for him to own up to his anti-fossil fuel agenda and stop making empty promises about lowering gas prices.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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