Did Amazon Interfere in the Election by Programing Alexa To Answer This Question on Election Day?

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In a shocking report it appears that Amazon’s Alexa contributed to election misinformation on election day.

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It is one thing for a news report to get something kinda wrong, and it is corrected. Itis another thing all together when the largest company in the world’s information device gets critical data completely wrong, and it impacts elections. 

Daily wire reports. Tennessee Alexa owners were given false information about voting hours on Tuesday.

There have been numerous reports of Tennessee residents finding that when they ask Alexa, an Amazon-owned virtual assistant, what hours they are able to vote in the midterm elections, Alexa replies, “There are no polling hours in Tennessee.” There are some exceptions to poll opening times in Tennessee counties, where polling hours start at 8 am and end at 8 pm ET. 

A source provided The Daily Wire with a photo of a wall-mounted device with Alexa’s full response: “There are no polling hours in Tennessee. Ballots must be sent by mail before election day, or returned to a designated ballot drop box or in person to the county elections department by 8 p.m. on Election Day.”

Tennessee’s Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, was informed of the potential deterrent to voters, and promptly responded that he would investigate. Secretary of State Hargett has served Tennessee since 2009.

This news comes after the White house was forced to remove a tweet because of misinformation.

Washington examiner reported. The Biden administration’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended deleting a tweet marked misleading by Twitter, saying it lacked the context provided by the administration’s digital team.

Lets Watch.

For an employee to get something wrong is one thing, but for Amazon’s Alexa which is powered by one of the strongest AI systems to get it wrong is something all together. Now who  is to say what information Alexa was referring to when it came to the elections, but whatever information Alexa was using was most certainly not verified, certified, information from the state websites. Also to show that the state’s information was correct, and that only Tennessee was affected, leads one to believe that someone had to have had a hand in the data. We can only hope that people who asked Alexa for information on the election, went further to double check the answers as who knows how this affected the election in Tennessee.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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