WATCH: Harris’s husband Slips and Reveals The Plan for Kamala in 2024

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The liberals are pulling out all the stops when it comes to their attempts to retain power, and to force the national narrative in their direction.

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Washington Examiner reports. While she lacks credibility in her current position, Kamala Harris’ husband wants the Democratic party to support her in 2024. 

Washington Examiner reports, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband has called on Democrats to back her if President Joe Biden does not seek reelection in 2024.

Some officials are concerned about Harris’ prospects for 2024 due to Emhoff’s attempts to box out Harris’ potential opponents. Democrats are worried that such a strategy may not appeal to all voters, particularly those who are uneasy about Harris’s unpopularity. She dropped out of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race when her campaign reached just five percent. West Wing officials believe Harris has a better grasp of the big picture now than she did in her first year, although they remain skeptical about her viability in 2024.

While Biden has stated he plans to run again, some Democrats are calling for a new generation of leaders. 

Kamala Harris has been referred to as a potential presidential candidate by the left on many occasions. This has even been a topic on which our own president slipped up several times. 

Washington Examiner reports. Kamala Harris has just been praised by Joe Biden as the best president in history. Just another Biden Moment or did he just admit he was planning to install her after resigning? In any case, this is a huge mistake that is sending shockwaves through politics.

Vice President Kamala Harris was mistakenly referred to as a “great president” by President Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner reported that Biden delivered remarks on Diwali during an event celebrating the holiday. He recognized Harris’s recent birthday at one point.

“Happy birthday to a great president,” he said.

As noted by FOX News, Joe Biden has called Kamala Harris the president at least two times prior to Monday. 

During remarks on voting rights in January 2021, he referred to “President Harris”.

Additionally, he referred to his vice president as “President Harris” during remarks in South Carolina in December 2021. 

It’s not surprising that liberal Democrats are already plotting to push Vice President Kamala Harris as the party’s 2024 presidential candidate, even though she has yet to fully prove herself in her current role. But it’s particularly concerning that her own husband Douglas Emhoff is leading the charge to shut out any potential opponents. This kind of underhanded maneuvering is typical of the, leftist Democrats who will do anything to gain and hold on to power. And Harris’s low approval ratings only highlight the fact that she is not a viable or popular candidate. Thankfully, it remains to be seen if Democrats will actually fall for this power grab and choose Harris as their nominee in 2024. As conservative Americans, we must remain vigilant against these unscrupulous political tactics and reject anyone like Harris who embodies them.

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