“The View” Host Sunny Hosting May Have Just Confessed To a CRIME on Live TV

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 Sunny Hostin stated live on air that she filled something out for someone else regarding the midterm elections. 

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Election laws vary across the country on who can fill out absentee ballots for other people, and yet live on TV Sunny Hostin admitted to filling one out for her son, live on air. 

Daily caller reports. Sunny Hostin said during Tuesday’s panel that she cast her son’s absentee ballot.

During the panel, Whoopi Goldberg caught Hostin texting her son on her iPhone. Hostin was reportedly contacted by his son to ensure that her absentee ballot was sent in.


National Conference of State Legislatures reports that laws are unclear in New York, where Hostin and her family reside. A designated agent or family member can assist a voter legally in most states.

While filling out other’s ballots in a lot of states can get you in deep trouble, New York’s laws are pretty unclear. But what she could have done while talking about that, is lead many many people to believe that since she did it others in different states can do the same with no legal recourse. That kind of manipulation is subtle, and could have far reaching consequences. Leave it to the liberals to think of a way to make something look innocent, and have vastly darker consequences nationally. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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