Reporters Cry Foul Over Rigged Press Conferences

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Reporters are raising hell after they discover that the press conferences being held are rigged. 

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We have known for some time that the White House strictly controls the news that comes in and out of Joe Biden’s orbit, but now even the reporters are saying that it is too much.

According to the Daily Caller. A number of White House correspondents said they are disgusted that President Joe Biden uses a list of approved journalists to take questions at his rare press conferences, saying the president should hold more such events open to journalists from a wider range of outlets.

The president used a list of 10 preselected White House reporters from left-leaning, establishment outlets to take questions at his first press conference since January. Journalists in the briefing room, who represented nearly 100 different outlets, expressed frustration in statements to the Daily Caller, accusing the White House of doing a “disservice” to the press and the American public by allowing a selected pool of journalists to ask questions.

Let’s Watch.

According to a White House correspondent, the “list” is used for “controlling the conversation” by filtering out questions the White House does not want Biden to answer. The individual also criticized fellow White House journalists for not defending other reporters’ questions, saying hostility in the briefing room began during the Trump administration when reporters became activists instead of journalists. 

Biden’s press team has a long and storied tradition of ignoring members of the press that are in the back of the room, or who are not on approved lists. 

Daily Caller wrote. Today News Africa White House correspondent Simon Ateba hit back at the White House Correspondents Association threatening to suspend or expel him for interrupting an earlier White House press briefing.

Ateba derailed White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s last briefing as he talked over two reporters, including Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller. After one of the reporters confronted the Today Africa News reporter, Psaki stepped in and ordered him to respect the fellow White House reporters.


Clearly the biden administration has issue with calling on reporters who will ask hard questions, or ones that KJP does not have a ready answer for in her little written notes. But, again the hostility began under the Trump admin where DJT would stand there for hours taking any and all questions, and he would fire back at reporters who were intentionally trying to smear the president. Yet the left would criticize him if he held a 10 minute conference and did not call on every reporter, and Biden is given a free pass with an admitted approved list of reporters and questions he is to field. This is a banana republic, and it needs to be fixed. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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