UH OH- MAJOR OBAMA News For 2024

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Major trouble on the horizon for Joe Biden as Michelle Obama refuses to give one critical thing he needs for his 2024 bid, and does that signal that another Obama may be eyeballing the White house.

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It appears that the Obamas are again entering into the political sphere when it comes to potential contenders for the 2024 race as a critical endorsement is withheld, and could signal something insane. 

Washington Examiner reported. Michelle Obama is not endorsing President Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election, at least not right now.

When the former first lady was asked if she would support her husband’s former running mate for reelection, she declined to say while speaking with Robin Roberts on ABC News’s 20/20.

While Michelle Obama refuses to endorse Biden it is speculated she might end up on the ticket in 2024.

Japan news writes. Biden choosing to step aside, however, raises its own thorny issues. Vice President Kamala Harris is currently the Democrat’s top alternate candidate, Democratic officials say, with the majority of polls showing her second after Biden, and well ahead of most other oft-mentioned names. 

However, Michelle Obama, a voter favorite, has outwardly  shown no intention of jumping into the race, would most certainly be a top contender if she decided to do so.

It is quite possible that we could see Michelle Obama on a 2024 ticket to compete against Donald Trump for the presidency. But it would more than likely be yet another puppet regime for Obama to control such as he is doing now with Joe Biden. While America crumbles Obama has been pulling the strings in the background, and has purportedly been behind some of the biggest green policies that have come out of the administration. But it is horrifying that we could have another Obama in the White House, when all we need is Donald Trump back in office.

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