SCUM: Private Jets To Solve Climate Change

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 Apparently in order to save the world, people need to jump on their private jets, fly across the world, and then boast about how green they are. 

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Oh how the ultra rich love to virtue signal and brag about how green they are, all while spewing emissions across the globe and caring little for the consequences of their actions, while telling us how terrible we are. 

According to the daily caller. A bunch of billionaires and world leaders flew some 400 private jets to Egypt in November to prevaricate pointlessly about climate change and how us poors are ruining the world.

Egyptian sources confirmed to The Daily Mail that some 400 private jets arrived at Sharm el-Sheikh for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), where world leaders and a bunch of unelected billionaires are figuring out how to best lie to the global population about how weather works. This is the same conference where UN chief Antonio Guterres screamed belligerently at no one that they must “cooperate or perish” when it comes to climate change.


While these useless conferences are occurring, there are people across the globe making equally useless statements to stop climate change.

Breitbart reports. A climate change activist poured human feces and urine over a memorial to Second World War veteran Captain Sir Tom Moore to protest private jets. 

The activists tweet read “ End UK Private Jets supporter pours human feces on Captain Tom memorial. Maddie, 21, former medical student said: “Every time a private jet takes off, it pours a bucket of shit and blood on everything Captain Tom stood for”

Hope you didn’t just eat. Lets Watch.

It’s really cringe to see a bunch of creepy old billionaires and temporary leaders continue to completely misinterpret and manipulate the data on how our planet works. The funniest thing about these climate conferences is that they don’t work and never could have, anyway. Imagine thinking that us, a bunch of dumb mammals, have any control over Mother Nature.

Yet there are countless people across the globe who are buying the narrative, and the UN Chief Antonio Guerres is demanding more input from America on going greener, is laughable. We have the cleanest cars on the planet, and we are making more advances towards a greener economy. Much to America’s demise with rising costs, and the huge price increases we are suffering for the ill-begotten plans and bad implementations. The UN needs to go after developing countries, and China who lead the world in crimes against humanity, and their vaunted pollution crisis. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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