WOKENESS: Man Allegedly Fired For Being White

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A lawsuit has just been filed against one of the biggest companies in the world, for allegedly firing someone for the color of their skin. 

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It is absolutely insane how the tables have turned, and what we considered gone 60 years ago is making a huge comeback. Across America there are black only portions of society, and there are jobs and positions that are only offered to Peopleof color, which is a direct violation of many labor laws against discrimination. 

Daily caller writes. A white sign language interpreter is suing Disney’s hit broadway show “The Lion King” after he was allegedly fired due to the color of his skin, he told Fox News Monday.

American sign language (ASL) interpreter Keith Wann is seeking to reclaim lost payments after allegedly being denied work on account of his whiteness, his lawyer, Josh Pepper, told “Fox & Friends.” The ASL expert, who would have been offered $1,000 per show, said he is suing because “wrong is wrong.”

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It appears that Disney has stepped into it big time. 

According to NY Post. Keith Wann, 53, was one of at least two people forced off the production by the non-profit Theatre Development Fund – which staffs Broadway shows with American Sign Language interpreters – after the group decided it was “no longer appropriate to have white interpreters represent black characters for ASL Broadway shows.” 

Wann filed a federal discrimination lawsuit on Tuesday against the organization and the director of its accessibility programs, Lisa Carling. Carling told him and interpreter Christina Mosleh to “back out” of the show — which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Sunday — so they could be replaced by black sign-language experts, according to the suit and emails obtained by The Post.

Just imagine if that had been a black interpreter, we would have had another summer of love when the news broke on the story. The left would have lost their collective minds, and every single talking head would be out in full swing to decry the racist actions taken by company X that imposed the restrictions. But, since the interpreters are white, there is no outcry, and little coverage. What is the most bizarre thing of all of this is how so many woke leftists are pushing for segregation, and a move back to the horrendous policies of the past. We have seen people of color only housing, we have seen study areas that exclude white people, and there is an overwhelming cry from the left for others to apologize for actions taken by supposed ancestors. Just imagine if this was coming the other direction. Seriously.

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