Gun Owners Rejoice After Oregon Sheriffs Take A Stand for The Second Amendment

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Oregon Sheriffs are taking a massive stand against an unconstitutional law that was just passed that aims at taking away people’s second amendment rights. 

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The checks and balances of power in this country are laid out for a very specific reason. Legislative branch checks the power for the executive, the judicial branch checks the other 2 branches. Locally the sheriff has the power to kick out the feds if needed, or to enforce the constitution at a local basis, and locally the only person who has the power to check the sheriff is the county coroner. But the Sheriff has the authority to decide if they are going to enforce certain laws, and it appears that these local sheriffs are doing just that.

Daily wire writes. Oregon sheriffs are vowing not to enforce a strict gun control measure passed by the state’s voters last week.

At least five county sheriffs are openly refusing to not enforce at least parts of the law, according to daily wire. The officials say that the law oversteps Constitutional gun rights and will be an additional drain on law enforcement while failing to address problems with more serious crimes.

Sheriff Cody Bowen of Union County told Fox News “The biggest thing is this does absolutely nothing to address the problem, The problem that we have is not … magazine capacity. It’s not background checks. It’s a problem with mental health awareness. It’s a problem with behavior health illness. Our society as a whole is a bigger problem rather than saying that, you know, the guns are killing people,”

Measure 114 was approved by Oregon voters, resulting in some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. There was a ballot measure that prohibited the sale or transfer of any magazine that could hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Oregonians are also prohibited from receiving a firearm from a licensed dealer without a state police background check. Currently, if a background check is not completed, a potential purchase can only be postponed for three days.

Sheriffs in other states have rejected other gun laws that were recently put into place. 

Post Millennial writes. A group of New York sheriffs has vowed not to aggressively enforce the state’s new strict gun laws, arguing that the new law “unfairly targets law-abiding citizens.”

Speaking with Fox and Friends recently, Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino expressed concerns over the new law, which seeks to ban guns in “sensitive areas” like Times Square, religious centers, and subways.


Elected Sheriffs are the ultimate law in the county they reside in. They have a crazy amount of power that can check the federal government, state governments, and other law bodies if they need to. This was as the founders wanted, they wanted a balanced form of government where every single branch, and extension of power had a check and balance to it. So when these sheriffs saw a law that would negatively affect their citizens, they had a constitutional right to step in and stand up to the government overreach. God bless those heroes for doing what is best for the people of their counties, and we hope their actions empower others across the nation to do the same. 

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Next News Network Team

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