The View’s Sunny Hostin CAUGHT Lying To America About GOP Voting Age Plot

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SHOCKING! Leftist media caught spinning lies once again. 

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It’s no wonder why the American people can never be on one page when there’s constant misinformation spread in the media. 

American outlook reported. Sunny Hostin recently lied about Republicans wanting the voting age to be raised to 28. Nobody called her out on this, but it seems like she made the whole thing up. 

Watch as Sunny Hostin lies to her viewers.

Nicholas Fondacaro Tweeted. “Citing ZERO EVIDENCE, Sunny claims the GOP’s official position is to raise the voting age to 28. Literally, no one in a position of influence in the GOP is arguing for that. There was no correction by ABC News.” 

Her comment about Republicans plotting to raise the voting age to 28 was not an accident because the 26th Amendment sets the voting age in the Constitution, she was reading from a script.

Sunny Hostin has lost her temper at times when she is trying to spread her propagandist lies. 

The US Sun reported. Sunny Hostin recently lost her temper when the other hosts of the View cut her off while she was trying to stump for Michelle obama.


Sunny Hostin is a liar. On a recent episode of the show “The View” she said that Republicans want to raise the voting age to 28. That is a blatant lie, and it was clear as her eyes rolled over the screen that she was reading directly from a teleprompter, and the crowd’s gasps were there to sell the point further. Yet, while the left constantly is going on about misinformation, they are apparently exempt from any scrutiny regarding that. If she had one ounce of morals to her Sunny would go on live television and give a retraction of her statements, the same thing she would demand from others when they are caught spreading baseless blatant lies.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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