White House Proves Conspiracy Theorists Right With Plan To BLOCK THE SUN To Fight Climate Change

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Looks like conspiracy theorists were right again. This time about that whole Chemtrailing thing. Because the White House has just released a statement admitting that they may need to block the sun in order to stop climate change.

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I know, I know, this sounds crazy, but hear me out. The White House has just announced that they are considering blocking the sun in order to stop climate change. Yes, you read that right. To reflect sunlight away from Earth, they are considering spraying fine aerosols into the atmosphere… otherwise known to us as CHEMTRAILS.

As the final days of the UN Climate Summit wind down the fear has been ratcheted up to apocalyptic levels. Take for example the opening remarks by UN Secretary-General António Guterres who told the world, “we are on a highway to climate hell.”

Now we’re learning, according to the Daily Beast that the White House announced Oct. 13  it would fund a five-year research program into one of the most controversial proposals for fighting climate change: geoengineering, which involves manipulating the Earth’s climate artificially.

Solar radiation management will be the subject of the report. The technique involves spraying fine aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth. Once it’s reflected, less heat will be produced, and temperatures will decrease.

And the lunatic idea is actually being celebrated. Marine engineer Stephen Salter, professor emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, told The Daily Beast. “I was delighted to hear that the U.S. government is funding a five-year research plan… It is an indication that, at last, they are taking the problem seriously.

At least the Daily Beast recognized the dangers to manipulating the earth’s atmosphere. They pointed out.

Critics of geoengineering warn that it could have global unintended consequences. It’s inevitable that aerosols will spread out as soon as they’re sprayed into the atmosphere. No matter where you sprayed it, its effects would be felt everywhere. A butterfly effect of disasters could result.

They stated. If temperature dips too low, it can cause crop losses, as we have seen in years without summer. Storms could also be intensified by changes to the atmosphere. According to some research, solar geoengineering could even spread diseases. Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung 

And this is what the White House is about to spend 5 years studying to generate a report. Seems like a waste of time to me but then again if your end game is to cause widespread chaos, famine, drought, disease, and super storms then this is the game plan for you. But then again they’ll just scream Conspiracy Theorist when you bring it up despite the facts.

Conspiracy theorists have been saying it for years – the government is spraying chemicals into the atmosphere in order to control the weather. And it looks like they were right all along. The White House has just announced that they are considering a radical new plan to combat climate change, which involves spraying tiny particles into the atmosphere in order to reflect sunlight away from the planet. This process, known as solar radiation management, could have devastating consequences for the environment, causing widespread drought, famine, and super storms. But instead of admitting that this is a crazy idea, the government will no doubt try to spin it as a necessary measure to protect the planet. So the next time you see a chemtrail in the sky, remember – the government is doing it on purpose. And they’re not going to stop anytime soon.

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