Kid Rock Sucker-Punches Cali-Leftists After Learning Their Plans To DESTROY a Historic Landmark

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I’ve got another breaking news story. It seems that the leftists have been up to no good again, this time trying to destroy another historic landmark. But fortunately, Kid Rock is on the case to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Daily Caller reports, while speaking on Tuesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” music legend Kid Rock said that people are “sick of seeing history torn apart.”

In their conversation, Carlson and Kid Rock discussed the potential destruction of the antebellum house Beechwood Hall, which sits unused outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Kid rock wasted no time in tearing into the New York and California Liberals who are invading his state saying, “Leave your EFFEN politics at the state line!”

One of the few antebellum homes to survive the Civil War is Beechwood Hall. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill lived there before California fund manager Larry Keel purchased it in 2021. Keel also contributes to the nonprofit Heritage Foundation of Williamson County. Apparently, the nonprofit is suggesting that Beechwood Hall could be torn down within the next few years.

In March Kid Rock reminded America that he can’t be canceled.

During an in-depth interview with Daily Caller, the famous rock star was asked why he hasn’t been canceled.

Kid Rock is the vaccine for the Woke Virus. The mere mention of his name sends the Left into a tailspin of anxiety. Kid Rock is right: we have to fight cancel culture everywhere we can. Comedy has already been ruined by cancel culture. The woke mob doesn’t care what you do, they’ll hate you. They’re trying to destroy a historic landmark. Thanks to Kid Rock, they’re going to get a taste of their own medicine. He slammed the New York and California liberals who are invading his state, saying, “Leave your fucking politics at the state line!” As a society, we’re doomed if the woke mob wins. Kid Rock’s attitude is 100% correct. We need more people like him to speak out against the tyrannical woke mob. Don’t give a single inch to the woke mob. Cancel Wokeness!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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