Conspiracy No More: World Leaders OFFICIALLY Call For ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

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Things are getting a bit crazy with world leaders now publicly calling for a one world government. 

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For years we have been raising the alarm of the globalist takeover of the world, and their continued attacks against American sovereignty. Now, those alarms we have been raising are confirmed, as they are now publicly calling for a one world government.

We love trump reported. This month’s final world summit in the region was held in Thailand on Friday, with French President Emmanuel Macron speaking.

Despite France not being a member of APEC, Macron spoke at the Bangkok summit.

During his speech, Macron called for a new global order.

Other moves have been made in order to achieve the one world dominance sought by the globalist elites. 

The sun reported. It is the first time a British man has been microchipped with his bank card. The London-based company Walletmor implanted Arnie Szoke’s bank card in his hand for £350.

Microchips from Walletmor will be implanted in the hand and work with digital wallets for contactless payments.

Microchips will work with the Purewrist app and the implant procedure will take only four minutes, according to the tech company.

It is now available for $299 to the general public.

Here he is using his chipped hand to purchase everyday items.

Within five minutes, surgeons stitched up the safety pin-sized chip in the side of his hand.

Father-of-two Arnie said: “Using the chip takes a bit of learning.

“It’s like a ­normal card but you have to be more precise with where you tap.

“It means I don’t have to keep a wallet with me all the time.

The World Economic Forum and other globalist cronies want this for the masses. Money implanted into your body for absolute surveillance and control.

The globalists are working for the one world government with every ounce of effort they can muster. They have called for the great reset, climate policies, carbon emission standards, one world bank, a one world government, nato enforcing law on US soil, and many other examples. They will stop at nothing until their vision is complete, but the only thing that means for us is that we need to remain vigilant and not allow the take over by the elitists who want to force their woke agendas on us, and ruin our great nation. Further we need Trump back in office who stood strong against their onslaught, and always worked to keep America a free nation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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