HORROR: Biden Policies Forcing Americans To Learn To Live With Freezing To Death

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For many Americans the economic disaster caused by Joe Biden’s mismanagement has caused them to make very hard decisions when it comes to living comfortably.

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As shortages are being announced nationwide of diesel fuel, and other forms of energy are now severely compromised, families are being forced to choose whether to turn the heat on in their own homes.

Western Journal reports. Winter hasn’t officially started yet, but winter-like conditions are already causing extreme situations to develop across the country.

Parts of the Northeast have been hammered by cold and snowy weather in recent days. Given the current shortage of diesel and critical home heating fuels, like home heating oil, which also happens to be at record-high prices, more Americans are being forced to sacrifice basic comforts.

Charmaine Johnson, 63, who struggles with her own home heating situation and works at a non-profit outfit called Philadelphia’s Heater Hotline, which handles requests from those who can’t afford their energy bills.

In an increasingly ugly situation, Johnson – like many others – has had to turn off the furnace for now since she cannot afford the $1000 needed to fill her home heating oil tank.


Even CNN was forced to admit that the rising costs are leading people to freeze.

CNN reported. Home heating prices are skyrocketing yet again this winter, up 18% nationwide on top of last year’s 17% spike, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA).

The war in Ukraine, the cuts by OPEC+, an increase in energy exports, lower energy inventories, and a high demand for natural gas in the US electric power sector are driving up home heating prices, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

According to the EIA, heating a home with natural gas will cost an additional 25%, and heating it with electricity will cost an additional 11%. The steepest hike will be on heating oil, which is expected to be 45% more expensive than last winter, squeezing roughly 5 million households, mostly in the Northeast.

The defense production act needs to be called on immediately to help Americans not freeze to death this winter. Biden has so poorly mismanaged the economy, fuel, and other aspects that now American lives are at stake. Yet, recently Biden announced that he refuses to depart from any of his decisions that have led us into this disaster. Who could have imagined even a few short years ago that we would be forced to choose whether to eat, or have heat in our homes. Further, we never could have imagined that a sitting president would do nothing to help those in need, and instead work to further cause more damage. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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