15 States Sue Federal Government To Keep Trump Policy

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15 States are suing the federal government to try and keep in place Trump Era protections,all in order to stop the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

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This year has shown the nation just how bad things have gotten in relation to the border crisis and the record number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

Daily wire reported. Several Republican-led states are seeking to get involved in the deliberations over Title 42 and want a federal judge to maintain the border expulsion rule.

15 state attorneys general filed an intervention request with the court on Monday night following a ruling against Title 42 by federal Judge Emmet Sullivan of the US District Court in Washington, D.C. States want to extend the policy, which expires on December 21.

The states requesting to intervene are Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


The Biden Admin was forced to use the Trump Era title 42 recently in an effort to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

Washington examiner reports. In an expansion of a Trump-era policy, the Department of Homeland Security will begin expelling illegal immigrants from Venezuela who enter the country from the southern border to Mexico.

In addition to the new push to deport illegal immigrants from Venezuela, which comes through the Trump-era Title 42 policy, the department also announced a program that will enable up to 24,000 Venezuelans to get work authorizations to reside in the United States for up to two years. Title 42 is a policy that was invoked during the coronavirus pandemic that effectively authorizes the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to send noncitizens pursuing asylum at ports of entry into Mexico.

DHS released a statement on the illegal immigrants from Venezuela “ Effective immediately, Venezuelans who enter the United States between ports of entry, without authorization, will be returned to Mexico. At the same time, the United States and Mexico are reinforcing their coordinated enforcement operations to target human smuggling organizations and bring them to justice,”

Over the past few months, US officials have negotiated with Mexico to accept Venezuelan illegal immigrants under that policy. There was no other country that would accept Venezuelans prior to last month’s announcement.

Texas and other border states are exactly right when it comes to their efforts to secure our southern border. The massive influx of illegal immigrants is causing untold harm to our nation. Under Trump the flow of illegals was a trickle compared to the flood that is being caused by the Biden administration, and it needs to be stopped. We only hope that the federal judge will grant the stay and keep Title 42 operating, which will allow some reprieve for the border states who are being inundated with millions of illegal immigrants. 

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Next News Network Team

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