Everyone Notices Something Creepy After Biden Is CAUGHT Peeping into Little Girl’s Window

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Thanksgiving weekend was a delightful weekend for most families across America, but one family in Nantucket was in for a rude awakening after Creepy Joe decided to take a walk through town. Thankfully the camera’s were there to catch him in the act.

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As far as we can tell Creepy Joe isn’t on a Sexual Predator Watch list but after he was caught in Nantucket this weekend perhaps someone should press charges. Also in this report I’m going to reveal the results of our poll “Would you let Joe Biden sniff your wife?” and read some of your comments.

Western Journal reports, over Thanksgiving weekend, President Biden and his family visited Nantucket, Massachusetts, where he did what he does best – shuffled around in public, smiled, waved, and played the “relatable old man” card.

As evidenced by the unflattering image captured from a restaurant’s window after Biden looked in to see waving children within, Biden can perform “creepy old man” much better than the president.

There’s something weird about these Biden moments involving children.

Here’s the moment, caught on camera. Thankfully there was glass separating the children from the “Sniffer-in-Chief”

Joe Biden has a long history of sniffing children and other men’s wives. In fact it has permeated the web for some time now so we decided to poll our viewers to see if they would let Creepy Joe sniff their wives.

As of this report, after sixty-five thousand votes, 96 percent of our viewers said they would not let Joe sniff their wife, but a shocking 4 percent said they would.

The comments you guys left were absolutely hilarious. Here are a few that left me in stitches.

jason pierce commented,

Whoever voted yes is one sick puppy .

I wouldn’t leave him alone with anyone

Jane Collen commented,

I am a woman, and I think all women and little terrified girls have the right to push him away with vigor, in disgust. Last time I looked, he is not the predator in chief, though he has taken on that role.

Cody commented,

He can sniff what my dog leaves on the lawn

Livetotell100  commented,

Every time Joe Biden is on TV, my gerbil runs and hides.

Back in July cameras were rolling again when Biden creeped on another young girl.

The video shared on Twitter shows Biden standing with a young girl on what appears to be a bike trail.

After a few seconds, he sniffed the girl’s head before whispering something in her ear. Meanwhile, a man next to her stared with a straight face into the distance.

Sadly, this is not the first time Biden has been caught in the midst of an inappropriate interaction with a child, nor will it be the last.

Creepy Joe has got to go. This man has no business being anywhere near children, let alone the president of the United States. The Nantucket family who had the misfortune of having Creepy Joe peep into their window on Thanksgiving weekend must be horrified. Thankfully, there was glass separating Creepy Joe from the innocent children inside, but those kids have no idea how lucky they are. Creepy Joe has a long history of sniffing children and men’s wives. The man is a creeper-in-chief and it’s gross. I don’t know about you, but I do not want a man with such a creepy past anywhere near our country’s children. Get rid of Creepy Joe! NOW!

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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