Trump Says He’ll Go Back On Twitter When Elon Musk Calls Him Daddy: CONFIRMED HOAX

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A truth social post that has been going viral on the internet showed Trump telling Elon Musk to call him Daddy if he wants Trump to tweet again.

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The internet is wild, and the memes coming out can be hilarious. But it is also crazy how fast some misinformation can spread, as happened recently when a supposed truth social post was spread around about Trump.

Lead stories wrote. A photo claiming to show a photo of Donald Trump posting on his own platform and asking Elon Musk to ‘call him daddy’, has been doing the rounds. However, Instagrams’ fact-check service flags the post and photo as being potentially tampered with or doctored.

A notice underneath the post warns users it may not be real.

The fact-check service informs users that a previous fake Twitter post had gone viral on November 19. The doctored tweet claimed to be from Trump’s account, alleging it was his first tweet since his profile was reinstated. However, it turned out the tweet was fake.

According to an unconfirmed screenshot purporting to show a Truth Social post by former president Trump, the post accused Musk of “begging” him to head back to Twitter.

A picture Showing Trump on Truth Social read “ Elonrolled out the red carpet and is begging me to return to the failing twitter, but Truth is special! We’ve got the best ratings of any social media platform! Elon thinks about me noon and night because he needs me more than i need him. He craves Trump so much he can taste it. It’s fun to watch him grovel at my feet! Hey Elon, I’ll come back when you call me daddy!!”

One twitter user said “ Here’s Trump telling Elon Musk to call him Daddy, to grovel at his feet, to taste him…..incredible.

Twitter users tweeted out the narrative, and one user sad that “Elon will call Trump daddy 100%”

Since Trump was reinstated on the social media network there has been quite a few epic tweets, and memes suggesting that Trump should begin using the platform again.

Elon Musk tweeted a hilarious photo saying “ Lead us not into temptation” while depicting a man praying, and yeaa.

Another hilarious meme going around shows Elon Musk as a sick figure poking the profile of Trump asking it to tweet something. 

The alleged social media post was quickly confirmed a hoax by lead stories.

Lead stories wrote. Did former President Donald Trump say in a post on Truth Social, his social media platform, that he will return to Twitter when Elon Musk, the social media platform’s new owner and CEO, calls him “daddy”? No, that’s not true: Trump has not posted about this on Truth Social since Musk reinstated his Twitter account on November 19, 2022. There are also no news reports citing Trump mentioning this alleged remark, which, given Trump’s recent announcement of a repeat run for president, would have attracted widespread coverage.

Further, Trump’s account on Truth Social shows no post for the date Musk restored the ex-president’s Twitter account. The screenshot below shows that Trump’s most recent post after November, 19, 2022, was an apparent promotional video for his presidential re-election campaign. It was posted on November 22, 2022:

Oh the troll wars are hilarious. It is not that far-fetched to think something like that would have been said by Trump, but a little more Trump-like5 in fashion. Still, it goes to show you how funny the internet can be. The additional fact that neither Trump or Elon Musk did not confirm or deny the post leads us to believe that they are taking their Trolling to a whole new level. Whatever the outcome of whether or not Trump tweets over the coming months aside, the buildup and anticipation for that to happen or not happen is incredible. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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