Another One! More and More Democrats Becoming Republicans – This Time It’s A Senator

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More and more Democrats are becoming Republicans, and this time it’s a senator! We’re sure you can guess why he’s leaving the communist democratic party.

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Hey everyone, it’s another day and that means more Democrats are switching to the Republican party. This time, it’s a senator! He has some really great things to say about why he made the switch and how the Republican party is better for all Americans. Let’s not forget to take a moment to thank President Biden and his Administration for making this possible.

TownHall reports, Former West Virginia Democratic Sen. Glenn Jeffries has resigned from his party to become a Republican. 

“In a statement, Jeffries said, “I am grateful for all the friends and supporters I have been blessed with throughout my time in public office.” He added, “Our politics have become so personal and difficult lately.” It is important to me to serve our constituents and state in a respectful, thoughtful manner that benefits all West Virginians..” 

As a result of Jeffries moving to the right, he added to the supermajority that already controls the Senate. He represents parts of Kanawha and Putnam counties in District 8, and before the switch, four of the 34 Senate seats were held by Democrats. The number has now been reduced to three.

Jeffries re-emphasized that he plans to “work in a bipartisan way to find solutions for our biggest problems in West Virginia.” 

With President Biden in office, the Democratic party has taken a progressive turn, which has caused the party to become a revolving door. Most of those people are leaving for similar reasons.

Fox News reported just two months ago that former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard left the party on Tuesday, describing it as an “elitist cabal.”

Gabbard, who retired from the House of Representatives in 2021, attacked the institution in a nearly 30-minute YouTube video. Despite this, she did not announce plans to join the Republican Party or adopt another political affiliation.

Gabbard wrote on Twitter, “I believe it is no longer possible to remain in today’s Democratic Party under its control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness who divide us by racializing every issue and stoking anti-white racism.”


The Democrat Party has not been the same since Trump was elected. The Party of the working class has been completely flipped on its head and Republicans are now that party by default. Millions of Democrats this last election cycle became Republicans this time around for the same reason the senator out of West Virginia left. Despite this massive exodus, the Democratic Party has not slowed on its progressive agenda. The Agenda is so far to the left, it’s hard to see how they plan on winning any elections in the future. They have lost touch with the American people and it shows no signs of stopping. Time will tell if they can get back to their roots or if they continue down this path of self-destruction. Only time will tell.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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