You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened After Elon Musk EXPOSED The Hunter Biden Scandal!

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On Tuesday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk made the bold move of firing his Deputy General Counsel James Baker in light of the release of the first installment of the ‘Twitter Files,’ which exposed the facts behind the company’s decision to suppress the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. It appears that many critics want to curb Musk’s power and influence after this move, as some liberal media sources have begun rapidly manufacturing new talking points against him. Who knows what’s next for Mr. Musk? The public will certainly be watching as he continues to make waves in business and technology- especially surrounding social media networks like Twitter!

In a move that is sure to generate some serious buzz in the tech and legal communities, Elon Musk has sent shockwaves through Twitter by firing its deputy general counsel James Baker. The allegations surrounding his controversial decision to suppress the New York Post story involving Hunter Biden’s laptop have evidently taken their toll, Mr. Baker will now no longer be involved with decisions made at the company. Now that the first installment of Twitter Files has been released, one has to wonder if this decision is really the beginning of something bigger or just a drop in the bucket.

Musk announced the news via Twitter, ”In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today”

In response to a user’s question, the CEO responded that Baker’s explanations were “unconvincing.”

RED STATE notes, Baker served as the FBI’s General Counsel before joining Twitter, where he was involved in the faulty FISA warrants obtained to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. The Russiagate scandal was sparked by the use of this as a pretext for spying on the 2016 presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump.

The development follows Matt Taibbi’s revelations about Twitter’s politically-motivated censorship efforts to influence the 2020 presidential election. Furthermore, it is part of Musk’s ongoing efforts to eliminate the company’s racial bias.

The left is sure to be enraged by this move. It is likely that the activist media will spin this development in an attempt to undermine the new CEO, which has been desperately trying to downplay the significance of the Twitter Files. However, this is yet another clue to how deeply the rot runs in the company.

Immediately following the firing of Baker, the Liberal Media has been desperately formulating new talking points against Musk.

Red State points out, Instead of exploring it further, liberal media on social media defended Baker and attacked Musk and Taibbi for seeking transparency.

It was alleged that Musk and Taibbi discussing the files somehow incited harassment against “former employees.” Writing, “Taibbi, and by extension Musk, is basically inciting harassment and potentially against another former Twitter employee now. An employee who was apparently only just fired.”

In addition, Ben Collins has come up with another wacky conspiracy theory, tweeting, “Elon’s team is just creating new Main Characters for Fox News to accuse of treason by implying they did some sort of high crime but never actually saying what the crime is. This is about creating pariahs to launch a mob against in order to, ironically, suppress their speech.”

As a follow-up to that rant, Collins tweeted, “You’ll remember this from Hillary’s Emails, Podesta’s Emails, Benghazi, Wikileaks: It’s the constant insinuation that “secret emails” MUST be nefarious because they’re not public. It allows right-wing influencers to project whatever they want into the Secret Email Mystery Box.”

Elon Musk is truly a force to be reckoned with. His stunning decision to fire James Baker, the Deputy Attorney General for suppressing the Hunter Biden scandal, shows that he’s all about championing free speech and transparency – no matter the cost. This will not only keep exposing those opposed to free speech but it also serves as an example of his dedication to cutting out the tumors at Twitter. With such a bold stance, it’s no wonder that liberal media outlets are scrambling with new talking points against him. All we know is this isn’t over yet and everyone will keep watching as Musk fights to keep standing up for free speech and tackling corruption in our society.

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