Latest Failure: Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Title of Worst Press Secretary of All Time

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The White House has had a lot of turnover when it comes to Press Secretaries, but Karine Jean-Pierre may be on a new level of her own.

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I’m sure you’re all wondering what happened, so I’m going to give you a quick rundown. She was giving a soft ball question to answer and she had to refer to her binder and started spewing nonsense, literally. How can one be this incompetent?

According to Trending Politics, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre might have experienced her most embarrassing moment today. It’s not just for her – it’s for the entire White House “Press Corps.”

When she was asked about the Democratic Party primaries, she thumbed through her godawful folder, but came up with the incorrect answer.

Watch as she solidifies her role as THE most incompetent press secretary in the history of American politics.

Yikes! Those folders are supposed to be a reference not a cheating guide to read directly from. She is making Psaki look like Kayleigh McEnany and we all know that’s not possible.

This is exactly what happens when you hire based on diversity. You never know what you will get until you get it, and for the sake of Karine Jean Pierre it seems to have been a disaster of a choice.

According to a Politico report from May, Jean-Pierre represents the first Black and openly gay press secretary in the position’s history. Having served as Psaki’s number two in the first year of the administration, she has been viewed as the likely successor.

Here is what she had to say on that history that made her the worst diversity hire.

Jean-Pierre will have tough shoes to fill. In the White House press corps, Psaki is widely regarded as a cool-headed spokesperson with a gift for explaining complex policy issues. After years of hostile media battles under the Trump administration, she took on the job with the goal of restoring White House credibility with the press corps. During the second half of the previous administration, she also restored daily White House press briefings.

Being a White House press secretary should have nothing to do with someone’s color, sexual orientation, or other preferences. Other than their qualifications, none of those things should be mentioned. Unfortunately, what we see in that embarrassing clip is her lack of qualifications for a job like that.

Karine Jean-Pierre is an example of what you’re bound to get when qualifications become a mere suggestion. Instead of having a qualified and competent Press Secretary, we end up with someone who has proven to be nothing but a liability for this administration. Surely those who might consider themselves fans of the current regime have started snickering at their lack of foresight in these matter. This goes to show that from top to bottom there are problems in this presidency, or else they wouldn’t have ended up with someone like Karine in such an important position!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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