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Here comes Christmas and with it, the inevitable restrictions for those looking to revel in the holiday season. While Christmas can often be seen as the most holy of days, it appears that Chrsitians cannot partake in all of the festivities this year! With government officials insisting on a significant crackdown due to their fear of insulting the godless, it seems that some people’s celebrations may have to take a different turn. Leave it to government to put a damper on the Christmas spirit!

It appears that in 2022, the so-called “war on Christmas” is still going strong within the UK’s ultra-woke civil service. In a move that has been met with mixed reactions, its members are prohibited from hosting traditional end-of-year Christmas parties and instead given the option to host alcohol-free “festive celebrations”. This decision follows the recent census data revealing Christianity no longer being England and Wales’ dominant religion, representing less than 50 per cent of both countries combined. Whether this holiday season will be different due to these recent changes remains to be seen.

A GBN News anchor was none too pleased with  the news and tore into the woke virus infecting the UK.

It is outrageous that civil servants are now being asked to deny the existence of Christmas celebrations in their workplaces, solely out of fear that these festivities might be deemed offensive to people of other faiths. Furthermore, senior staff seem to be encouraging them to take even further precautions by avoiding any potential alcoholic beverages during the events so as to not offend the “sober.”

An unnamed civil servant reportedly told the Telegraph, “We’re in a situation where, in the name of inclusivity, one member of staff is being allowed to dictate what other members of staff can or cannot drink.” There were reports that another worker in a government department was prohibited from drinking at a totally non-Christmas party.

The Grinch has stolen the joy of Christmas – the war on Christmas raging in the UK in 2022 is evidence enough. Imposing faith and belief toolkits on civil servants to celebrate the festive season – including the reportedly banned alcohol-free Christmas parties – is simply outrageous. This woke nonsense exists solely to restrict those hoping to get into the true spirit of the season, and it needs to end now! Clearly the recent census data indicating Christianity is no longer the majority religion in England and Wales has been taken into consideration here so godless Atheists and muslims are not offended.  We mustn’t forget the value of celebrating and passing down our traditions from one generation to the next, nor should we ever attempt to suppress our tried and tested festivities for the sake of some misguided political correctness.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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