BREAKING: Dems Deploy the NUCLEAR Option in Desperate Attempt To Stop Trump Once And For All

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Breaking news, Democrats have triggered the nuclear option in an attempt to finally put a stop to Donald Trump. Citing his actions on January 6th as merit to insurrection charges, Representative Adam Schiff has set in motion a dizzying slew of bombshells including criminal referrals against the former President. There appears to be no bounds with this long awaited Biden-era January 6th Committee who are prepared for their ultimate move against Trump by wrapping up their proceedings with a “roadmap to justice”. Will this be the finale that finally breaks Donald Trump? I think not.

The Democrats have deployed their ultimate weapon in an effort to finally put an end to Donald Trump’s bid for 2024. The select committee from the House just offered criminal referrals on Monday which pointed the finger at the ex-president for essentially inciting the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. It is clear that they are desperate to stop this man at all costs and they are scared of what would happen if he were able to win a second term in 2024. They seem determined not to let that happen and they will do whatever they can to make sure he is out of office for good.

The Hill notes, there were four charges recommended to the Department of Justice for investigating the ex-president, including incitement to insurrection, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and obstruction of official proceedings.

Representative Jermy Raskin indicated that the fourth criminal referral would constitute automatic grounds for barring Trump from running for office in the future. All members of the sham committee were committed to achieving this goal.

In a unanimous vote, as expected, the sham committee sent the referrals to the DOJ.

The committee attempting to stop Donald Trump on January 6th may have appeared impartial, but they were desperate to prevent him from making a comeback in 2024. Every decision they made seemed driven by fear they will lose to him again if they didn’t take extreme measures. Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, Adam Schiff, and their team resorted to the Department of Justice in their bid to keep Donald Trump out of politics for good. By citing criminal offenses they crossed a new threshold which showed they are willing to do anything it takes to stop him – no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, the press has been out in full force, the local cheerleading squad for the Democratic party. They’ve been giddy at the prospect of a charges as a dangling albatross from President Trump’s neck. It’s clear the press is rooting for the Democrats and hoping to ensure a Trump-free presidential election in the near future. Though not illegal, you could argue that their strong advocacy in the form of excessive excitement amounts to a form of campaign contribution – only this one is cheered on rather than donated with money.

They are desperate to stop Donald Trump at all costs, so the January 6th committee and its Justice Department counterparts have created quite a spectacle out of this entire process. Everything they’re doing has been orchestrated, creating the illusion of political will. However, they are afraid that he could win again, so they’re resorting to pushing absurd arguments and broadening the law to go after him for supposed offenses like insurrection and obstruction of an official proceeding. This is simply appalling – how can you commit insurrection without organizing or executing one yourself, or even telling someone else to do so? A fair justice system would never accept such ridiculousness but they are willing to do anything just to get rid of Trump.

Adam Schiff on Sunday joined CNN’s Jake Tapper who asked if there was evidence that Donald Trump committed crimes and if the cases are prosecutable leading to a conviction.

It has been no secret that the Democrats have been planning to take down Donald Trump in their quest for victory in 2024. Recently, the results of the January 6th committee were released, but no one was surprised. Even though no intent or proof of wrongdoing has been discovered so far, it appears that the DOJ plans to keep this investigation active until the 2024 election occurs. No matter how hard they try though, no weapon formed against Trump will prosper. Despite all of these distraction tactics, it is obvious that this ‘clown show’ won’t yield any results; at least not in favor of Biden and the Democrats. As history has shown us, no matter what tricks they pull out of their sleeves, Trump will prevail.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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