Biden Hit With BAD News When Americans Agree He Destroyed America – Here’s The Proof

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According to a number of Americans who believe President Joe Biden has made the country worse than ever and that America’s best days are definitely in the past. Despite inflation rising, border crisis escalating, and the economy in freefall, many have accused Biden of failing America. So is it possible for such a huge portion of them to be wrong? 

As inflation continues to rise with the costs of food, energy, and other essential goods becoming more and more astronomical, it is no surprise that a recent poll reveals that Americans believe Biden has failed this nation hard. Not only does inflation mark an overall economic impact, but Biden’s disastrous handling of the potential border crisis could spell further dire consequences for our economy in the long term. It seems that the best days of America may have been left in the rearview mirror. President Biden has had a steep hill to climb to meet America’s expectations–now he needs to prove he can reach the summit before we hit a critical new low.

Breitbart reports, Rasmussen polls found that a majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden has made the country “worse” and that America’s best days are behind it.

Respondents were asked, “Generally speaking, has President Joe Biden made America a better or worse nation?”? Or has Biden’s presidency not made much difference?”

There are nearly half of respondents who believe Biden has made the nation “worse,” followed by 34 percent who believe Biden has made it “better,” 17 percent who say “not much difference,” and two percent who are uncertain. 

When looked at through the lens of political parties, more than half of Democrats, 57 percent, believe Biden has made America better, but one in five, 18 percent, believe he has made it worse. 

Republicans and independents, respectively, believe Biden has made the country worse by 70 percent and 54 percent.

A plurality, 42 percent, of respondents said America’s best days are behind it. Just 38 percent believe the country’s best days are in the future, and 20 percent are not sure. 

To help Americans trust Biden more, Biden’s Top advisor released an end of the year memo showcasing Biden’s supposed successes.

CNN reports, Biden’s top adviser touts Biden’s political durability and a “strong jolt of momentum” as his second term approaches. 

Biden’s advisor Mike Donilon stated in the memo that the economy was on the upswing, unemployment was down, and that Biden was a huge success as a president.

However Fox News and Karl Rove had other takeaways.

Are Americans already tired of President Biden’s presidency? According to the Rasmussen Reports survey released on Tuesday, a plurality of American voters believes that the Biden administration has made the country worse. The survey asked whether or not President Biden had done anything to make America better and unfortunately it seems as though inflation, a struggling economy, and the growing border crisis have convinced many that good times are over. It appears that President Biden has failed to convince much of the electorate that he is up for the task of making America better – something that should be concerning to many. We can only wait and see just how bad this situation could really get. But one thing is for certain, we desperately need Donald Trump back in office to right this ship, before it sinks.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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