The Fate of The Border Wall Built Out Shipping Containers Has Been Decided

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The fate of the controversial border wall has been decided. After months of speculation and debate, it has been confirmed that the wall built out of shipping containers will be removed by request of the incoming governor. It’s clearer which side wants open borders and which side does not.

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After President Biden won a lawsuit against the state of Arizona, plans to dismantle the border wall out of shipping containers along the stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona will soon commence. The wall was intended to bolster security at the border due to the Biden administration’s open border policy that was putting millions in danger. Now it is more evident that one administration strived to increase security near the border. This Biden lawsuit may prove to be the dam that broke and flooded our country with more illegal immigrants.

Washington Examiner reports, Arizona state officials have decided to remove their shipping containers border wall after reaching a deal with the Biden administration to resume construction.

Ducey (R-AZ) agreed to halt the placement of shipping containers along the border by Jan. 4, 2023, according to a court document filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona filed on Wednesday. In a lawsuit filed last week, the Biden administration sought to have the barriers removed, arguing they posed public safety risks and endangered the environment.

A spokesman for Ducey’s office told the Washington Examiner. “For more than a year, the federal government has been touting its effort to resume construction of a permanent border barrier. Finally, after the situation on our border turned into a full-blown crisis, we decided to act. Better late than never. We were working with the federal government to ensure they could begin construction of this barrier with the urgency this problem demanded.”

In August, Ducey issued an executive order to begin erecting shipping containers along the southern border as a temporary measure until President Joe Biden follows through with his pledge to build a border wall. It was a pledge Biden made in December 2021.

Eventually, the Biden administration sued over the shipping container wall, contending it was illegally dropped on 10 miles of federal land without the government’s permission. Consequently, the federal government ordered the state to remove the barriers and pay any damages.

Ducey’s office responded to the lawsuit, noting it would remove some barriers, but urging the federal government to resume construction on a border wall.

The pledge was never fulfilled, instead the Biden Administration requested the termination of Title 42, which has subsequently been temporarily halted twice by the courts.

The wall of containers on the Arizona border was a contentious topic, but we shouldn’t underestimate its contribution to security. Inarguably, it wasn’t foolproof, yet it did provide at least some measure of deterrence against illegal crossings and other criminal activity. Now that plans are underway to dismantle it, we will have the opportunity to compare life before and after – what sort of impact will be seen? It’s a question no recourse can answer for certain. Kari Lake’s loss in the Governor’s race wasn’t necessarily encouraging for those supporting border security, but there may still be hope for Arizonans as lawsuits are pending. Perhaps we will be having a different report about it in the near future. We never know.

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