CULTURE WAR VICTORY! Hollywood Loses 500 BIllion Dollars!

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Hollywood is reeling from one of its biggest financial loss years in history! That is reason enough to celebrate, but once you learn the biggest reason for it you will literally be cheering!

Hollywood has been force feeding Americans and the world its liberal trash for a while now, but over the last few years they have been tripling down on forcing their woke agenda on the masses. Thankfully, the masses have openly rejected the woke elites message, and hit them where it hurts the most, their pocketbook.

Breitbart reports, streamers, cable providers, and other media giants lost a combined $542 billion in market value in 2022, with Walt Disney Co., Netflix, and Comcast suffering the most.

According to a Financial Times report, the Dow Jones Media Titans index, which tracks 30 of the world’s biggest media companies, fell 40 percent this year from $1.35 trillion to $808 billion.

A year-over-year drop of 14.5 percent was seen in banking, and a drop of 11.2 percent in telecommunications.

As a result of a downturn in the streaming market and consumers cutting the cord by the millions, Hollywood had a terrible year in 2017. The advertising market has also collapsed as households cut spending as food and energy costs continue to skyrocket due to President Joe Biden’s (D) disastrous economic policies.

The highest price was paid by woke companies in 2022.

This year, Disney witnessed its stock plummet more than 40 percent as it faces weak profitability for the foreseeable future, leading to the firing of CEO Bob Chapek and the return of old CEO Bob Iger.

Netflix lost subscribers for two consecutive quarters this year, resulting in layoffs and cost-cutting across the board. In the past year, the stock has lost more than 50 percent of its value.

Among the other big losers are Paramount Global, whose stock has dropped more than 40 percent, and Warner Bros. CNN’s parent company, Discovery, has fallen more than 60 percent in value.

Comcast, the parent company of NBC and MSNBC, as well as Universal, is down more than 30 percent for the year.

Well it does appear that we are winning the culture war, as they have officially lost over a half trillion dollars in value. The only movie that did great this year was Top Gun, and that was a masterpiece that fully committed to just being a good movie, no added wokeness and a good old fashioned action movie. But clearly with all of the boycotts over Disney for the LGBTQ agenda, and netflix pushing the same on people the financial tolls have been tremendous. Keep it up! We are winning!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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