Lady Celebrates Invasive New Chinese Product & Wants You To Celebrate With Her

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A lady went viral with her celebration of a new form of Chinese technology. Amidst growing opposition towards this invasive tech, she unabashedly voiced her support and proudly asked the world to join her in basking in the glory of its presence. The future is here but the question is are we ready for its intrusion? 

Chinese vending machines have taken the 21st century by storm, offering customers the convenience of scanning their face and having instant access to goods. One can simply approach the Chinese vending machine, have their face scanned, and viola! Instant access to whatever goods they desire. A lady went viral celebrating it’s debut trying to get people excited for the invasive new technology. The question is, are Americans going to give in?

Not the bee reports, Getting a bottle of water with no cash, no human interaction, and no credit card sounds pretty great until the government tells you to delete that Facebook post.

@WallStreetSilver shared a clip of a woman enthusiastic about Chinese lead technology. Saying, “She was so excited about the convenience of face-scan payment in China…no card or phone needed …

Wait until the government decides your social credit score is too low for not doing what they tell you. No water for you until you receive your 4th booster.”

People in China already pay a social credit penalty for speaking and acting in ways the government doesn’t like (going to church, being a big family, believing in liberty, owning property, etc.).

There is no doubt in my mind that this system locks people out of apps, transportation, banks, stores, and now vending machines!

People like this lady will love this technology for its convenience, regardless of what happens in communist land.

Wall Street Silver took a step further, tweeting

“Combine that with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and your freedom is gone. They track your every movement and location at all times, your spending decisions and turn off your money if you disobey.”

Which prompted a Yikes emoji response from Elon Musk.

Hey, it’s just a fun and cool vending machine, right?

It’s easy to get accustomed with the government inserting itself into our lives in small, subtle ways. We don’t recognize when they take increasingly restrictive measures until we’re directly affected. Then it hits us: there’s a sinister edge to the state encroaching further and further on our personal freedoms. Just one example is when citizens aren’t allowed access to their accounts because the government believes they pose a danger. Innovation should excite us until it arrives from an oppressive regime like China, where civil liberty threats are rampant. We as citizens must tread little and be cautiously aware. 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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