Most Liberal State Ranks Lowest On Charity

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 It appears Biden’s promise to create a liberal agenda of charity has failed to take effect in California. Despite its wealth, driven by Hollywood elites, the Golden State is among the least charitable states in the union according to WalletHub’s World Giving Index. 

For all of the liberals in California who constantly say that the rest of the world needs to do more, it looks like they failed to follow their own messaging. 

Center Square reports, according to statistics, California has one of  the lowest rates of charitable giving.

California ranks near the bottom of the 50 states when it comes to charitable giving, according to WalletHub’s World Giving Index.

Among the 50 states, California ranked 42nd this year. It follows the trend of some border states, such as Arizona (50th) and New Mexico (48th). There are a few border states near the bottom of the list, but the top three most generous states are located in different parts of the country. Among the states, Utah ranked first, followed by Maryland and Minnesota.

The World Giving Index gave California a score of 50.97 out of 100. In terms of charitable donations, the state ranked 10th. In addition, California ranked fourth in terms of the percentage of its population that donates to charity. 

However, California finished 50th out of 50 states in the category of volunteering and service. Overall, the state ranked 46th in terms of volunteerism.

It appears that California was somewhat of an anomaly in the World Giving Index. Although California is one of the wealthiest states in the union, it ranks low when it comes to charitable giving.

California needs to look no further than its own borders when it comes to issues that need some volunteer work, and charitable contributions to help resolve.

Mercury news reports, first-of-its-kind report reveals the gap between what California contributes to the homelessness crisis and what it needs to eliminate by 2035 if it spends $8.1 billion a year for the next 12 years.

At the rate they are going now, the state and federal governments are expected to spend an average of $1.2 billion a year — leaving a hole of $6.9 billion, according to the new report by the Corporation for Supportive Housing and the California Housing Partnership.

While that seems like a daunting number, it’s just 2.5% of the state’s annual budget.

Debbie Thiele, managing director of the western region of the Corporation for Supportive housing stated “The key takeaway from this report is that homelessness is solvable,” 

In the next dozen years, California will need to spend billions to create additional housing for 225,053 homeless households – on top of what is already budgeted. In order to accomplish this, the state should build new low-income housing, subsidize rent for homeless families in existing private apartments, and provide permanent supportive housing where unhoused people with disabilities can access counseling, medical care, and other services.

Liberals want to scream and yell at people for not doing “more” for their specific cause, it goes to show you the left is all about virtue signaling, and not any action. Everyone who has an instagram account is now an “influencer” and will spew their messages for the masses to hear, and at the end of it all keep the money for themselves and refuse to put their money where their mouth is and financially support the causes. States like Utah and others who ranked top in charitable contributions, keep it up seems they don’t need social media influencers to brag abut how much they do, they just do it. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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