EXPOSED: The Shocking Truth About the Immigration Industrial Complex

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Are you ready to hear the shocking truth about our immigration system? The unvarnished facts expose a deeply entrenched industrial complex that has elements of corruption and massive abuse of power. We’ve been observing the truth in plain sight all along.

A recent report has exposed an insidious web of corruption, including illegal immigration advocacy non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who have built a lucrative network that benefits from the continued crisis of illegal immigration. This complex seeks to create an environment where many immigrants can remain in the U.S. without consequence and is made possible through intense lobbying, immense financial support, and creative legal maneuvering. This answers a lot of people’s questions as to why most lawmakers have allowed this crisis to carry on this long.

Town Hall reports, Heritage Foundation investigation exposes how NGOs work with the federal government to relocate illegal immigrants from border towns across the country under the guise of “charity.” 

As revealed by the Heritage Foundation, “the Biden border crisis was sparked by the deliberate implementation of open-borders policies and the removal of Trump-era borders security policies by the Biden administration. While the Biden administration caused the crisis and allows it to persist, they are not the only party responsible for facilitating this crisis. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played a substantial role in exacerbating the crisis by actively helping process and transport tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.” 

A member of the Heritage oversight project appeared on Fox News to break down the on-going corruption with Katie Pavlich.

These NGOs thrive off private donations and federal tax dollars through government grants. 

If you were wondering who is getting these migrants from A to Z, well there you have it, “charities.”

Senior Town Hall Writer Jullio Rossa tweeted in response to news breaking on Christmas about illegals being dropped off at VP Harris’s home in DC.

Rossa said, “Many are overlooking that the migrants were quickly picked up by aid groups and didn’t spend the night on the street.

Unlike what’s happening in El Paso where migrants have been sleeping on the streets for weeks in the cold because shelters have no room.”

It’s no surprise corruption seems to be all around us; it appears to be the norm in our society. Everywhere we turn, it seems that those in power are looking out for their own personal interest rather than what is best for the people they were voted into office to serve. This kind of behavior is especially evident when it comes to lobbying and its role in politics. While some may think that such practices are necessary, it makes it so much harder for citizens to trust those in public office, as the possibility of manipulation by special-interest groups is real and apparent. It’s hard not to feel discouraged when news like this surfaces, but it’s important that we stay informed and be vocal about our dissatisfaction – because only then will our voices truly be heard.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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