Breaking: Minimum Wage Will Be Zero Soon

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Mcdonalds just unveiled a new concept restaurant, and it is showing the effects of increasing wages, and lower employment.

Automation is the way forward for many retail giants as jobs that once took humans to do can now be accomplished by robots, and automation.

Daily wire reports, McDonald’s unveiled a test restaurant near Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this month where automation replaces many of the jobs previously held by employees.

Rather than interacting with customer-facing staff, customers can now grab their orders from a conveyor belt using kiosks and a mobile app. In a press release, Keith Vanecek, the franchisee operating the restaurant, said the concept allows the restaurant team to concentrate more on order speed and accuracy.


Conservative-leaning commentators noted that the restaurant concept comes after activist campaigns and left-wing politicians spent years calling for minimum wage hikes. The new test restaurant also hits the marketplace as historic labor shortages present difficulties to companies attempting to fill their payrolls, worsening inflationary pressures and supply chain bottlenecks.

BASEDPolitics President Hannah Cox said on twitter, “The real minimum wage is zero and you are always replaceable, If you want more money find a way to add more value. Anyone telling you differently has no idea how to eradicate poverty.”

Across America humans are being replaced by machines in almost every work environment. 

Forbes reports, by 2025, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will permeate our daily lives. It could have a huge impact on several business sectors, including healthcare, customer service, and logistics. Aside from self-driving cars, AI is already responsible for medical research breakthroughs and climate research.

There seems to be a divide in opinion about that. Half of the experts surveyed by Pew Research believe that robots and digital agents will displace a significant number of blue-collar and white-collar jobs. As a result, they worry that income inequality will increase and a mass of virtually unemployed people will emerge. Other half (52%) believe that robots and artificial intelligence will create more jobs than they will take. As with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, these experts believe that while AI will replace humans, human ingenuity will create new jobs, industries, and ways to make a living.

It is interesting to note that both groups are concerned that our educational institutions are not adequately preparing students for jobs in the future.

The push for a $25 per hour minimum wage was doomed to fail. It will not magically make the ice cream machines at Mcdonalds to begin working, it will not make your orders come out more accurate, it will lead to the eventual call for $40 per hour for minimum wage and the resulting cost increases would be catastrophic. The only thing these calls for increased wages will resolve is more robots coming into the workforce,and displacing millions more workers, who cannot be retrained or find comparable jobs, eventually leading to a collapse of sectors of the economy. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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