Constitutional Crisis: Biden Swipes Pen, Creates Havoc

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President Joe Biden granted federal employees a raise in light of inflationary pressures and labor shortages facing the bureaucracy. He did this without congressional approval, once again taking the power of the purse from congress and enacting spending measures with the power of the pen. 

With skyrocketing inflation and an economy that is on the brink of collapse, Biden has taken it upon himself to give all Federal workers a pay increase, one that he was not authorized to do.

Daily wire reports, as inflation pressures and labor shortages pinch the bureaucracy, President Biden granted federal employees a raise.

By executive order, federal employees will receive an overall pay raise of 4.1% on January 1, and an average locality-based pay raise of 0.5%, meaning that 2.1 million federal employees will receive an average raise of 4.6% on average. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Vice President Kamala Harris four months ago, Biden cited recruitment and retention issues.


Federal law allows presidents who wish to increase federal salaries to submit their plan to Congress by September 1 of the previous year. Considering wage hikes requires the commander-in-chief to consider “pertinent economic measures” like economic output and inflation.

This action has many speculating about the Constitutional limitations put on the President, and brings to mind one recent Constitutional crisis Biden started.

Texas Tribune reports, President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan has been delayed by the Supreme Court until early next year, when justices will hear the case.

Over 40 million borrowers would have benefited from the student loan forgiveness program, but the delay is the latest setback.

A federal judge in North Texas ruled that Biden’s forgiveness program was “unlawful” because he had not allowed for public comment prior to its announcement.

Biden also made the decision through executive order to use federal funds without Congressional approval.

Watch this clip from when the decision was made.

There is a separation of powers in the Government that we all learn as children in school. Each branch has specific powers reserved to only those branches, and when another branch of government steps out of line it is up to the other branches to check that power. But for a long time we have seen the subverting of the Judicial branch, legislative branch, and executive branch by lobbyists and other groups that are attempting to make one homogeneous blob of an over reaching government. We have seen that with the insane executive orders coming from the White house, the raids on Trump by the FBI, and the weaponization of speech that was revealed in the Twitter files. Those are only the tips of the iceberg and millions of examples remain as far as government overreach is concerned. But Biden is using, again, the power reserved for another branch of Government .

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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