Is Goldman Sachs warning of an impending recession?

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Goldman Sachs CEO released a memo recently warning of an impending financial crisis, and the risk to many jobs at Goldman Sachs because of it. 

Goldman Sachs is not a cuddly, nice group. They have backed and funded the globalist agenda for decades, but when the organization warns of a coming financial crisis, and the need to cut thousands of jobs, you need to shut up and see the writing on the wall for America.

Breitbart reports, according to CEO David Solomon, Goldman Sachs is preparing for more job cuts.

Goldman Sachs CEO Soloman stated in a voice memo to his employees “We are conducting a careful review and while discussions are still ongoing, we anticipate our headcount reduction will take place in the first half of January, There are a variety of factors impacting the business landscape, including tightening monetary conditions that are slowing down economic activity. For our leadership team, the focus is on preparing the firm to weather these headwinds,”

There were reactions and other inputs as to why this was happening. 

Lets Watch.

The liberal media outlets went from saying a recession was impossible, and they even lied about the definition of a recession to give cover to the Biden administration during the election cycle.

CNBC reports, it is common for recessions to take everyone by surprise. It’s very likely that the next one won’t.

For months now, economists have predicted a recession, and most expect it to begin early next year. Economics are pretty much in agreement that the economy is going into a period of contraction, whether it’s deep or shallow, long or short is still debatable. 

However the housing market is already in a full blown recession.


It is incredible that the leftist media is now attempting to change the narrative to now say that they have been calling a recession for months, when that is just not the case. Worse the left was calling people on the right all sorts of names everytime the economy was mentioned, but now they are lying about having always said this. But the recession must really be coming if Goldman Sachs is preparing to cut that many employees ahead of the pending financial disaster. We need to get Donald Trump back in office, Biden is not fit to be president and is running this country into the ground. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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