Native Americans DESTROY Washington Redskins Logo – The TRUTH Behind the New Design

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In what can only be described as woke at its finest, liberals had the NFL team replace a historic rendition of a famed Native American leader as the teams logo, with a pig.

It appears that a logo for an NFL team designed by a member of that tribe to pay homage to one of the Tribes famous chiefs is racist and needed to be removed, and replaced by a pig. 

Not the bee reports. The former Washington Redskins, now known as the Washington Commanders introduced their new mascot over the weekend.

It doesn’t matter that the Native American son of a man who designed the old Redskins logo said it wasn’t offensive. Essentially, the logo shows the likeness of Montana tribe chief John White Calf, “Two-Guns”.

Despite the fact that the Blackfeet tribe had a deep connection to the team, and many in the tribe felt honored to have representation on the national stage.

No, the only way to truly end racism is to replace Native Americans with cartoon pigs in society.

Mike Glenn tweeted “This is what you get when you dump your team logo because of the woke objections from the perpetually aggrieved: a pink pig 

Jaxx Roxx tweeted” So @Commanders went from an Indian to a Pig… yeah because everyone would rather be a fat animal that plays in mud and crap all day than being a Kick Ass Indian. 

This clown-world story has one more intersectional twist.

For decades, Zema Williams, aka Chief Zee, was the unofficial mascot of the Washington Redskins. In his youth, Chief Zee picked cotton as a sharecropper, then served in the military before becoming a car salesman in Washington, D.C.

Zee, who died in 2016, lived the American dream with battle regalia, wearing a logo designed by a proud member of the Blackfeet tribe, while overcoming racism and oppression.

Oh but there is one more twist in this tale.

According to some, the pig represents the legendary offensive line called “The Hogs” that Washington had in the 1980s, winning two Super Bowls.

Former “Hogs” themselves appear to agree.

The Hogs went on to file a lawsuit against the Washington Commanders claiming that the team violated trademarked imagery, and is suing to have their name not be dragged through the mud.

Wokeness at its finest. It is just like the liberals to get worked up over something that even members of the Tribe are not offended by. Just to have that imagery removed from society, and then to be replaced with a pig. The liberals really thought that replacing an image of one of the iconic leaders of a tribe with a pig was going to go over well, that it wouldn’t say to the Native Americans that a pig is better than a war chief. The level of idiocy is at an extreme in this one, all so the liberals can head to Starbucks, drink their vanilla chai lattes and feel better about themselves while offending tens of thousands of Native Americans. Because, you know, racism.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

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