State Sponsored Religion is Brighter Than Ever In Miami, You Can’t Unsee This

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Across the United States, state-sponsored religion is blossoming – perhaps nowhere more so than in sunny Miami. Instead of protecting the people from threats seen and unseen, local governments are turning their police forces into LGBT+ missionaries. 

In Miami, a police car’s viral status on social media was mired in controversy. The vehicle contains what in modern day is considered religious imagery that many  also considered to be a serious misuse of taxpayer money. It may come as a surprise to some but state-sponsored religion is still very much alive in some places. Instead of using taxpayer dollars to further support a specific cops orientation, such funds could be better spent in other ways that would benefit the community at large. If you want to display your pride for being part of the LGBT+ cult do it on your own time and dime.

In the past couple of years, Miami unveiled this cop car for Pride Month, but it has gone somewhat viral on Twitter after someone spotted it on the street and posted it.

Here’s the gayest police car you’ve ever seen:

Would you like to drive this car as a cop? Is anyone ever going to take you seriously?

If I got pulled over by the pronoun police or drove the Pride car, I don’t know which would be more embarrassing.

In all seriousness, the Rainbow Brigade is a hardline, legalistic religion. Here we have police cars in a major American city painted rainbow colors to show their fealty to the LGBTQ+ movement by celebrating pride and sexual immorality.

This is how big of a cult this movement has become. It’s not just in the U.S anymore. It has become an international movement, where you are considered anti-phobic if you don’t show your allegiance to the cult.

Opindia reported in June that the British police have painted their patrol cars in rainbow colors to encourage the LGBTQ+ community to file complaints of online hate crimes. Apparently, the development follows complaints about an increase in transphobic crimes.

On August 10, a video was shared by the official Instagram account of the UK police.

Of course, many people understand why an officer wouldn’t want to disclose their sexual orientation. It’s a personal matter, and in many cases could be a potential source of discrimination from certain individuals, so it is not taken lightly. However, the real issues lie in tax payers feeling as though their money is being sunk into someone’s lifestyle without their permission – especially when it comes from radical movements that tend to target those who disagree with them. Most people have very little problem if an officer wants to pay for these things out of pocket – but when it is done on their dime, there tends to be pushback. After all, tax payers generally don’t look kindly upon the funds they are paying being used on something they didn’t get any say in.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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