YIKES: Kamala Harris Swears In John Fetterman Who Has No Idea What Planet He’s On!

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The US Senate saw another disaster yesterday when Kamala Harris swore in Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman – and wow it was a doozy! It was like watching a trainwreck – you know you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t help it. Unfortunately for Fetterman, he didn’t seem to have any idea what planet he was on, let alone what was going on around him. Yikes indeed!

It was shocking to witness the scene that unfolded at the Capitol yesterday when Kamala Harris swore in Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman. In his first moments as Senator, it appeared Fetterman had no idea what planet he was on! He seemed completely and utterly lost, with no clue about what was happening around him. It was a far cry from the typical pomp and circumstance of such an occasion, and yet another moment of chaos in Kamala Harris’ Senate swearing-in career.

He truly looked lost, most likely because he is. But at least he wore a suit.

Fetterman’s official senate portrait was unveiled this week and it looks like the guy just rolled out of bed.

It looks more like an official prison inmate photo than a Senate portrait. I’m sure his wife was too busy with making Instagram posts than to advise him to look professional for his official photo.

Yesterday’s actions by Fetterman were the spitting image of a man acting like someone who got into this seat through fraud. It is widely believed this is how he got here, and this recent confirmation will seal the agreement among certain members of society that this guy should not be in office. Just to add fuel to this fire, this week Fetterman’s official portrait was unveiled, and it looks as if this guy just rolled out of bed, completely disregarding what an official photo should entail. Can’t wait to hear his first disaster speech as senator!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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