Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw Just Solved the Border Crisis in One Tweet

In response to the Biden administration's lassitude in dealing with the large number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas has proposed a novel solution.
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In response to the Biden administration’s lassitude in dealing with the large number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas has proposed a novel solution.

According to ICE data released last Friday, they arrested roughly twice as many illegal aliens in 2022 as they did in 2021. In fiscal year 2022, ICE made approximately 143,000 arrests compared to roughly 74,000 in fiscal year 2021.

On Twitter, Crenshaw posted a thread, first saying, “Let’s solve the border crisis in one tweet. Instead of spending billions more on ‘processing,’ spend more money on jet fuel. Pack planes full of migrants who cross illegally and deport them immediately. The crisis will end within months.”

He then asked rhetorically, “Why not just turn them away when they cross?”

He continued, saying, “Many have asked why Texas doesn’t do that. Because we have a river. Once they’re in the river, they’re within our jurisdiction. We can’t physically secure the Rio Grande. Even if we did turn them back, they’d cross somewhere else.”

Crenshaw then added, “So you need jet fuel. You need to be sending people far away from the border, thus making it unimaginable for someone to make the journey all the way north if they’re just gonna be sent back home.”

The congressman then turned to the problem of repatriation, noting that former President Trump had found a successful way to encourage Latin America to cooperate.

He wrote, “And if the State Department can’t negotiate agreements for repatriation (think Cuba and Venezuela)? Then versions of Remain in Mexico policy must be aggressively pursued. Trump did this by threatening Mexico with tariffs. It worked. What about people with legitimate asylum claims? Well, we should have a process to claim asylum through our consulates and embassies in those countries or neighboring ones. Trump did this, it was called Asylum Cooperation Agreements. Biden ended those.”

Crenshaw then fired at the Biden administration, adding: “The truth is, the ‘compassion’ of democrats open borders has allowed so much abuse to take place of our asylum system that the backlog is well over a million. This means that real asylum seekers around the world have almost no chance of getting into the system.”

Crenshaw concluded, “In summary: fund airplanes, holding facilities, immigration judges, ICE prosecutors, walls, and technology capable of detecting fentanyl. And stop the abuses of our asylum system. That’s what border security would look like.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas has proposed a bold new solution to the Biden administration’s continuing border crisis: stop spending billions on processing and start spending more money on jet fuel. Crenshaw argues that if planes could be packed full of migrants crossing the border illegally and they were immediately deported, the issue would be solved within months. Crenshaw’s proposal is an intelligent one, as it suggests a cost-effective way to end the endless stream of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States. It is clear Crenshaw is onto something; now it’s up to Congress to take appropriate steps towards making Crenshaw’s plan come to fruition. By embracing Crenshaw’s potential solution, lawmakers can swiftly and efficiently resolve this ongoing crisis once and for all!

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