Buttigeg Under Fire For Flying Private As Travelers Stranded

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rest assured that as tens of thousands of travelers were stranded during the Christmas holiday from a massive meltdown in airline infrastructure, Travel Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband’s travel plans were not affected, as they flew on private military transports.

Southwest airlines had a complete meltdown over Christmas as thousands of flights were canceled, and left people stranded for days at airports, with no way of making it home. 

Townhall reports, Pete Buttigieg is under fire for flying himself and his husband to the Invictus Games in Europe on a military aircraft.

American for Public Trust (APT) obtained a calendar showing Buttigieg flying from Joint Base Andrews in Washington, DC to Rotterdam in the Netherlands on a MilAir flight.

Biden announced on April 13 that Buttigieg would lead a delegation of lawmakers and administration officials to the multi-sport event for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women.

In response to Buttigieg’s special travel arrangements Americans for public trust Tweeted “While families’ holiday travel plans were upended by his department’s failures, Buttigieg has used their tax dollars to avoid problems he created”

Matt Whitlock tweeted ” Wild story – to summarize, while commercial air travel has been a disaster for you: Mayor Pete has taken 18 private jet flights. He took Chasten on a military plane to attend a sporting event in Europe.. with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Tom Price resigned for much less.”

According to some there were ample warnings about the pending meltdown at Southwest Airlines months before the actual debacle. 

Popsci reports. Southwest pilots have reportedly insisted on updating “antiquated” systems since at least 2015, with demands for internal technology updates and labor reforms cropping up in union negotiations multiple times in 2022. Southwest has done little over the years apart from piecemeal updates to SkySolver’s off-the-shelf product despite clear warning signs.


Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has failed to fulfill the expectations of taxpayers after booking a trip for himself and his husband on a military aircraft. This “MilAir Flight” was taken from Washington D.C. to Rotterdam, only to return two days later, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. All of his private travels were done during a time where the airline industry was in utter chaos from the massive cancellations at Southwest airlines; ruining many peoples Christmas plans. It is shameful that he abused his power and took advantage of taxpayer money in such an irresponsible way; buttigieg should resign immediately or face disciplinary action. Many are outraged by this disgraceful display of favoritism and power and everyone should be aware of Buttigieg’s misdeeds.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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