Former Republican Mayoral Candidate Offers Unorthodox Solution For NY City

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 Curtis Sliwa, former Republican New York City mayoral candidate and founder of the Guardian Angels, is on a mission to convince his Brooklyn neighbors to use feral cats to curb the city’s rat infestation crisis. 

Sliwa traveled around Brooklyn yesterday, talking to locals about establishing a feral cat colony in the area as a natural means of controlling the rat population. He was joined by two police officers, who reportedly sat in their car and watched the former candidate.

Daily caller reports. Curtis Sliwa, former Republican candidate for New York City mayor and founder of Guardian Angels, spent Sunday trying to persuade Brooklyn neighbors to use feral cats to control rat infestations.

During a visit to Brooklyn, Sliwa talked to locals about establishing feral cat colonies to control the city’s rat population naturally. 


Sliwa reportedly convinced one of his neighbors to help build and maintain the colony. “To be honest with you, we’re not really concerned with the mayor. We’re concerned as citizens. We want the rat problem in our neighborhood taken care of,” one neighbor told Sliwa. “The problem is people are dirty, so we need sweepers to come sweep the street and pick up the garbage.”

Compared to Eric Adam’s plans to get rid of rats, Silwa actually makes sense.

According to CNBC, NYC posted a job listing this week for a “citywide director of rodent mitigation,” or “a rat czar.” 

In addition to developing strategies, managing projects, and leading teams against rodents, the director will earn between $120,000 and $170,000 per year.

According to Orkin, New York is the second-rattiest city in the country. The sanitation department of New York has reported more than 21,600 rat complaints in 2022, a dramatic increase over pre-pandemic levels.

Social media is frequently flooded with videos of rats dragging pizza down streets and sidewalks in the city. 

While trash on the streets has become a problem for many cities, some just can’t seem to get rid of their rat problem. Despite spending taxpayer money and trying different prevention efforts, cities continue to struggle. Sliwa’s proposal of establishing feral cat colonies may be unorthodox, but it could be cost effective and provide an effective solution to the rat infestations. While it remains unclear if this plan will lead to success given its uniqueness, it tempts us with the possibility of a good answer to our dilemma and is definitely better than spraying poison in people’s homes – a scummy action that even rats have standards against.

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