Where Would Biden’s Trillion Dollar College Bail Out Money Actually Go?

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 Biden’s bailout package is being heavily criticized as wasteful and nothing more than a continued pandering to his woke agenda. This country was founded on principles of fiscal responsibility and while we sympathize with those who have taken out loans for college, it’s likely that this trillion dollars won’t end up anywhere beneficial – instead, it is just another biden failure leaving people questioning where their hard earned taxpayer money is being wasted.

The woke agenda has been hard at work in President Biden’s administration, and many have become fed up with his bailout package. America is no stranger to the liberal tactic of wasting taxpayer money on misguided initiatives with zero long-term benefit or effectiveness. But wait till you see the actual money these woke administrators are making, it will leave you speechless.

Western Journal reports, University of Michigan emeritus professor Mark Perry found his former institution pays $18 million in salary to employees involved in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Perry tweeted a list of the salaries of “diversicrats” on Thursday. They were obtained through public records. Perry stated “@UMich  now employs 142 “diversicrats” at an annual cost of $18M (total compensation) = in-state tuition for 1,075 students. Highest paid diversicrat is Tabbye Sellers @$380K+fringe benefits.”

During the 2022-23 school year, Tabbye Sellers, vice provost of equity and inclusion, earned a whopping $380,000. 

Five of the DEI employees were making over $200,000, with 44 of them making over $100,000.

Perry went on to tweet about Ohio state diversity and inclusion salaries stating “Just out today: @OhioState has a small army of 132 “diversicrats” at an avg. salary of $77,000 and total est. payroll cost of $13.4M, which would cover in-state tuition for 1,120 students “

Biden cared little that those huge salaries were being paid out, as it was all part of his agenda in the first place. 

During the summer, researchers revealed the staggering cost of President Joe Biden’s federal student loan forgiveness program. According to researchers at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the plan would cost $605 billion in the next decade under strict assumptions, but could cost $1 trillion under other circumstances, the researchers said.

However, the Biden administration did not want to study the plan in greater depth. The only reason it hasn’t been implemented yet is that a federal judge put a hold on it.

As if Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ wasn’t an affront to our economy’s recovery and the highest educated system in the world, his trillion-dollar bailout is allowing woke policies of inclusion and diversity to hemorrhage taxpayer dollars. This outrageous liberal tactic intended to help flatter one’s sense of guilt instead of providing real solutions is nothing more than a misappropriation and waste of money with no other purpose to enrich woke Democrats. That this overinflated package primes the pump for bloated staffing, ineffective policy changes, and liberal success stories would be bad enough, but when viewed in context as a part of an overall strategy – it becomes nothing short of criminal.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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