INCREDIBLE FIND! Uncover The TRUTH As Joe Biden Gets Exposed For Hiding Proof Of Wrongdoing

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Everyone needs to hear this. Joe Biden has been caught in a sticky situation, and he is running out of time to cover his tracks. Evidence has surfaced that ties him directly to the allegations of wrongdoing and proves he may not be as innocent as the media and his own party so desperately want him to be. This important video will uncover the truth and help us all gain a better understanding of what’s really going on with Joe Biden and his hidden secrets. Prepare yourselves for an explosive journey through these troubling truths…

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special prosecutor to investigate President Biden’s handling of classified documents from the Obama administration.

Former United States Attorney Robert Hur was tapped by Garland to handle the investigation. After a second stash of classified documents was found inside Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home, the Justice Department escalated the investigation to a special counsel investigation, according to FOX News. 

Penn Biden Center think tank’s Washington offices were where the first documents were discovered.

After news of the first documents broke, the White House Counsel’s Office searched Biden’s residences in Rehoboth Beach and Wilmington, Delaware. 

Documents found in Biden’s Wilmington garage were immediately reported to the DOJ by White House lawyers. 

On Thursday, Biden sparred with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy over the second set of documents found locked in the Delaware garage “next to his corvette.”

Biden or anyone else has not been indicated whether they read the documents after leaving office as vice president or what they contain.

It is highly irresponsible of Joe Biden to fail to securely store classified documents. Not only has this cast a long shadow on the reputation of both the Biden and Obama administrations, it also raises many questions that need answering and has put the country into disarray. Disgracefully, Biden must now be held accountable by the Justice Department’s special prosecutor as his wrongdoing finally gets exposed. With trust in our leadership greatly diminished and many questions yet unanswered, in today’s world it is incredibly important for those holding top roles to demonstrate how serious they are about protecting their nation’s classified information; Joe Biden’s failure to do this clearly reflects how unsuited he is for such a responsibility.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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