ABC News Disgusted That Good Samaritan Had a Gun

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 If you are a liberal media outlet then the only acceptable outcome of any situation is one where the criminal gets away, good people are hurt, and criminals can live to see another day and cause more crime to report on. 

Liberal media has lost its collective minds when it comes to citizens’ right to self defense, as there was outrage over an armed citizen stopping an armed robber with lethal force.

Newsbusters reports. ABC’s Good Morning America was appalled on Monday when it learned that an armed good Samaritan in Houston, Texas shot and killed an armed robber who was holding up an entire restaurant. The hero was portrayed as ducking police and the source of fear in the restaurant that night. This was part of their anti-gun narrative, which forbids even defensive gun use.


While some criticize good guys who stop criminals, others credit them with saving lives when the unthinkable happens. 

NRA-ILA writes. Elisjsha Dicken, 22, was shopping with his girlfriend at the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Ind., when a gunman opened fire in the food court. After witnessing the heinous crime, Dicken acted. While he gestured for others to flee, the young man drew the Glock handgun he was concealed carrying and engaged the shooter.

Reports indicate Dicken first confronted the shooter at a distance of 30-40 yards. The armed citizen demonstrated impressive marksmanship under pressure by landing eight of ten shots on the bad guy in just 15 seconds.

Sadly, three people were killed by the criminal before Dicken was able to end the threat. However, Dickens unquestionably saved many innocents through his heroic actions.

Due to Indiana’s new constitutional carry law, which went into effect July 1, Dicken was reported to have been lawfully carrying a firearm in the mall. Dicken’s attorney, Guy A. Relford, released a statement stating that Dicken holds a lifetime Indiana Right-to-Carry permit.

Police in Greenwood were effusive in their praise for the armed citizen. Greenwood Police Chief James Ison called Dicken’s actions “nothing short of heroic.” Describing the scene, Ison explained, “Dicken engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun and was very proficient in that, very tactically sound. And as he moved to close in on the suspect, he was also motioning for people to exit behind him.” The police chief added, “Many more people would have died last night if not for a responsible armed citizen.”

Americans have a God Given and Constitutional right to protect themselves. Many laws across the country uphold this with various verbiage in castle law, stand your ground laws and other self defense codes that are written. It is nothing short of sickening that the liberal media would portray a law abiding citizen as a criminal as they protected the lives of other people, in what they determined was a forcible felony situation that necessitated the use of force to protect not only their life, but the lives of other people around them. It is utterly terrifying the direction the liberals are trying to go in this country, where the only good people are criminals, and the bad guys are the ones who follow every letter of the law, in an effort to be good citizens and neighbors who care about everyone’s safety.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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