Sunny Hostin Newest Conspiracy Theory Says GOP Behind Biden Scandal

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The recent news regarding Sunny Hostin has been quite unsettling: apparently, she is the latest-and-greatest conspiracy theorist in town! She has apparently pointed her finger at the GOP speculating they’re behind the Bidens’ scandal. Ohh poor Sunny…

In Sunny Hostin attempting to blame republicans for planting Biden classified documents, she only exposes a desperate attempt to go after former President Trump before the time runs out. This comes shortly after new criminal findings have been levied against Joe Biden. It appears Hostin is determined to lay blame where she sees fit – regardless of facts and truths. As Americans, we should always rely on our justice system to sort out these matters, instead of uncorroborated accusations from an unverified source.

Daily Caller reports, “ The View” co-host Sunny Hostin questioned Thursday whether Republicans were behind the discovery of classified documents found in Joe Biden’s garage.

During a discussion, Hostin asked co-host Whoopi Goldberg, “Doesn’t it feel like oppo research to you? Does it feel like the Republicans are behind it?”

What came next was not what many Americans expected from Whoopi’s answer to the loaded question.

White House officials confirmed Thursday that classified documents were found in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home, where he kept a Chevrolet Corvette. CNN reported that lawyers cleaning the Penn Biden Center discovered other classified documents in November.

A few co-hosts complained that the discovery could complicate attempts to prosecute Trump.

Joy Behar even shared her useless frustration; which surprisingly had Whoop ask the smartest question on this show.

The most exciting part about this entire story was not on The View, it was when Fox News correspondent blasted Biden about the entire incident in a heated exchange.

On Thursday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked President Joe Biden about classified documents found in his garage.

After immense pressure from the public, Attorney General Merrick Garland later that day appointed a special counsel to investigate whether the classified documents were handled improperly by the president.

It’s simply amazing to watch these women, so desperate to see Trump fail, try to make sense of what is happening with the Biden scandals. They grasp at straws, trying to find some way that the extensive accusations against Biden cannot be true and the guilt is on the conservative movement instead. Unfortunately for them, those hopes are wilting away as more and more evidence comes out with no sign of ending soon. With every attempt at a defense, they sink further into their own desperation because reality does not match their narrative. Give up, ladies! It’s over.

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