OUTRAGEOUS ABUSE: Biden Admin Ignoring Desperate Pleas For Imprisoned American!

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It is disgraceful that the Biden administration has not done anything to save an American, Zack Shahin, who has been held in the United Arab Emirates for the past 15 years. With Brittney Griner being released just one month ago, it is hard to believe that Biden and his team have failed to even attempt saving this poor man.

Not only did the Biden administration fail to rescue him; they are also ignoring Shahin’s case entirely. It is a disgrace for the current president of the United States who promised he would save all Americans abroad but yet has failed in his mission here. This disgraceful lack of compassion should not go unpunished and we need immediate action on behalf of the government to bring Zack Shahin home.

Western Journal reports. An American who has been imprisoned in the UAE for 15 years wants the Biden administration to free Zack Shahin much like it freed Brittney Griner a month ago.

The family said that not only was Shahin unfairly detained, his condition has rapidly worsened as the Biden administration turns a deaf ear to their pleas to have him released.



Zack has been treated poorly while on his deathbed in the UAE.

Fox News Reports.  Zack’s family told ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ that he has been fighting for his life in the hospital for the last three months, undergoing multiple surgeries and fighting an infection.

According to his family, they have tried to get government intervention through the Levinson Act, which provides resources for loved ones whose relatives are abroad.

In the midst of the infection, Zack reportedly had parts of his body removed.

Zack was born in Lebanon, but moved to Texas as a child. As a truck driver in Houston, he worked his way up the corporate ladder at Pepsi. 

Martin Lonergan, the last known witness to Zack in jail, described the “inhumane” and “degrading” conditions he is currently experiencing.

It is disgraceful that while President Biden was able to save American citizen Brittney Griner, he has been infinitely silent when it comes to Zack Shahin, who has been held in a UAE prison for the past 15 years. This situation is nothing short of an utter failure on behalf of the current administration and its inability to save all American lives abroad who are in danger. It’s absurd how the Biden administration can seem to show such little concern for Zack Shahin who, like Brittney Griner, is an American citizen deserving of protection from their own government. We cannot forget about these people who risk their lives abroad in service of our nation; only then will be able to account for why we truly matter as a nation.

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