“Oceans Boiling” – Al Gore Issues Dire Warning, and EVERYONE is Laughing in His Face

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Al Gore’s spectacularly unhinged rant about the ‘boiling’ ocean and ‘atmospheric rivers & rain bombs’ created during climate change has EVERYONE laughing in his face! His attempt to pander to the Muslim community with a ridiculous statement only worsened matters and culminated absolute mockery online. 

During the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos on Wednesday, Al Gore felt compelled to paint an overly-exaggerated image of what the ocean looks like under climate change. He made the ludicrous claim that people were creating “atmospheric rivers and rain bombs” and that the “oceans are boiling”.

At Davos, Gore always dials up the crazy. This is what he looked like three years ago.

Flash forward to present day Gore thought it was the best time to pander to the Muslim community correcting himself after saying the word, “biblical.”

Then he said the quiet part out loud admitting the the Inflation Reduction Act is primarily a climate act.

But who can forget this gem from 2009 at the United Nations Climate Conference in Denmark when he Warned Polar Ice May Be Gone in Five Years.

It’s 2023 and the Ice Caps are all still there. This man is a global climate grifter. And everyone on Twitter took notice.

Constance tweeted, “Al Gore said the world was going to end from climate change in 2013. The elitists are still living at the beach and still riding in private jets. When they stop those activities, I’ll pay attention to what they’re saying.”

Riseupandresist tweeted, “Al Gore is a pathological liar, he’s been spinning climate doom for the last 20 years and none of it as come to fruition….”

Noah Pollak tweeted, “If he wasn’t at Davos in an expensive suit you’d hold your kids’ hands tighter as you hurry past and hope he gets the help he needs”

Dr Loupis tweeted, “In 1948, when Al Gore was born, Earth had 130,000 glaciers. Today, just 75 years later, only 130,000 glaciers remain.”

Peter Clack tweeted, “If you want to see what is driving the global climate hysteria, here it is in Davos. This irrational outburst from Al Gore does not contain a shred of science or truth. It’s the mentality of the bloated rich, that have no understanding of the real world.”

Area Man tweeted, “The only thing he got wrong was the part where none of that is actually happening”

Al Gore made a fool out of himself yet again at the World Economic Forum causing  mockery online by overstating the impact of climate change on the ocean, claiming it was “boiling” and using ludicrous terms such as “atmospheric rivers and rain bombs.” is it really any surprise that Al Gore is a global climate grifter? It’s obvious the driving force behind this global hysteria is well on display at Davos: no science or truth in sight. To further demonstrate how self-serving his claims were, after saying “biblical”, he quickly corrected himself in order to pander to the Muslim community. As if that wasn’t enough, he then mentioned out loud that the Inflation Reduction Act is primarily about climate change. This isn’t the first time Mr. Gore has made absurd predictions – in 2013 he stated climate change would end the world! EVERYONE is Laughing in His Face – why should I listen when there are elitists living on the beach and flying private planes? When they stop those activities perhaps I’ll reconsider my stance but until then A Gore can keep talking.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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