WARNING!! Chilling Prediction at Davos Meeting, Could This Be The End Of Free Speech

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The World Economic Forum’s discussion of hate speech laws has certainly raised a few eyebrows – and the bold predictions they made for the US in particular set the stage for a potentially significant transformation. It is hard to say whether or not they are right in their predictions, but one thing is certain – the world is rapidly changing, both structurally and socially. What might have seemed unbelievable just a few years ago can quickly become an overly familiar reality. Whether this blasphemous prediction comes true here in America remains to be seen; only time will tell.

At the World Economic Forum’s session on Tuesday, discussing the prevalence of disinformation and hate speech laws in the US, many participants had “valuable” contributions to make. One in particular had a chilling prediction that is sending ripples through the political world. Led by renowned journalist Brian Stelter, this panel seemed destined to be both provocative and thought-provoking, for socialist loving countries. The conclusion drawn by one participant in particular shocked many with its foresight. As we move into an unknown future could this be the nightmare that will truly awaken Americans or will it be our reality?

Town Hall reports, The World Economic Forum’s panel on “The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation” at their annual meeting in Davos on Tuesday contained a chilling prediction on hate speech laws in the United States.

Former CNN host Brian Stelter hosted the panel, which also included Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) and The New York Times chairman Arthur Gregg Sulzberger.

Sulzberger called disinformation “the most existential” challenge and whatever problems with reporting stories inaccurately.

Then Sulzberger went even further to pat his institution on the back by labeling them “trustworthy”, and stating “When we make mistakes (NY Times), we acknowledge them in public and we correct them.”

The Czech woman who is the Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency said there are reasons why many European countries have strong speech codes and the United States will soon follow.

Thank God we do not live in the Czech Republic.

Let us first break the ice and state the obvious, it is completely normal to be fired from what used to be a trusted news source like CNN then be invited to lead a panel on disinformation in Davos for the World Economic Forum. Bravo Brian Chubby Stelter. Secondly, it’s quite telling just how confident these panelists are on the hate speech laws coming to America. What they don’t know is, yes there are some Americans who will gladly relinquish their freedom of speech, but the large majority not so much. However, if we do get complacent like we did during the 2022 lock-downs the chances of losing our freedom of speech increase dramatical. The million dollar question, will Americans allow that to happen? That’s for Americans to determine, not the World Economic Forum.

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