Unprecedented Move: Pennsylvania Lawmakers Push for All Schools to Recognize Hoax Holiday

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 The relentless “woke” agenda in Pennsylvania is being pushed further by state lawmakers, and their latest attempt involves introducing a dubious bill to public schools. Despite proper bipartisan investigation of the matter in the House. It will be interesting to see whether or not this new policy will really benefit students or if it’s just an onslaught of political correctness that will limit discussion and civil discourse in the classroom. One thing is for certain: parents with a different opinion on the matter of j6 will have concern

As controversy still looms on the events of Jan. 6, a trio of Pennsylvania state lawmakers have proposed legislation that mandates every school in the Keystone State commemorate the day regardless of any bipartisan investigations that have yet to be conducted. The proposal should spark renewed debate over what the appropriate approach to marking such a controversial period in American history should be. It is yet unclear how much support or opposition the proposed legislation will garner, but we know leftist states will love the idea of pushing their agendas on young impressionable minds.

The Washington Examiner reports, Three Pennsylvania lawmakers plan to introduce legislation requiring all schools to observe Jan. 6 this year.

According to a memorandum he presented to the state Senate last month, state Sen. Art Haywood (D) planned to introduce legislation requiring all schools in the state to observe January 6 annually. In addition to the bill, another bill designates 1/6 Day as part of the 2023 anniversary celebrations.

As Haywood stated in the memorandum, “Please join me in co-sponsoring this legislation to ensure our students never forget to honor the courage and sacrifice of the fallen, as well as the bravery of the survivors who defended the nation and Constitution on January 6.”

According to Just the News, The legislation is co-sponsored by Haywood and two other Democratic state lawmakers. Rep. Chris Rabb and Rep. Ed Neilson said the legislation would honor the five police officers who died after the 2021 Capitol riot.

One of the co-sponsors of the bill Rabb said, “This legislation is about embracing truth and being a country that is actively engaged in fighting systems of oppression. This moment demands reconciliation with a clear-eyed and honest assessment of what it will take to get back on the path toward atonement and healing that we so desperately need.”

According to Haywood’s memo, rioters on Jan. 6 “executed a planned and violent attack to stop Congress from carrying out the electoral college process required by the U.S. Constitution” and that five police officers who died in the days following the riot, several of them by suicide, “died as a result of injuries sustained during the battle or subsequent to it.”

It would be interesting to know if these state lawmakers asked the J6 committee to release the full capitol footage for that day before proposing this bill.

Washington Times reported, McCarthy has said he is willing to release unreleased security footage from January 6, 2021.He said “I think the public should see what happened on that day.”

Pennsylvania is showing its true colors by pushing forward a bill without conducting an investigation that looks into both sides of the story. Those children in school will only know one narrative, whichever one is played up on the news and by partisan parties. It’s irresponsible to act in such a way, completely disregarding anyone or anything that may go against what they want – in this case President Trump. Blindly following an agenda that was determined long before any true evidence existed does not merit itself to be remembered in schools – it just shows how far people are willing to go to get to hijack young minds for their political gain.

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