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Residents of Yuma, Arizona are in shock after officials confirmed that Mexican cartels have taken control of the US border. 

Residents of Yuma, Arizona have sounded the alarm, saying Mexican drug cartels are entirely in control of the US-Mexico border. It has been described as a “ticking time bomb” which can be attributed to Biden’s failed policies and lack of action against illegal immigration. 

NY post reports. According to Yuma, Arizona residents and local officials, Mexican cartels are effectively controlling the southern border, with one person describing it as a ticking time bomb.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines explained that “the cartels, which charge as much as $20,000 each to help migrants sneak into the US, have been using the ongoing illegal immigration surge to overwhelm Border Patrol officials as they run their lucrative trafficking operations.”


This battle raging on the border has been ongoing for years, and the human toll it costs is staggering.

Daily Mail reports. Mexican drug cartels have benefited from more relaxed border policies under the Biden administration. The Daily Mail reported that ‘people are the new dope’, as the cartels believe ‘people trafficking is a serious business under Biden’.

A US-led collaborative effort to dismantle cartels and end the trafficking of people and drugs, the Mexican drug war has been ongoing since 2006 and took 20,000 lives last year.

Trump Policies slowed illegal migration north of the border, but US Border Patrol encounters with migrants increased from 400,000 in 2020 to 1.6 million in 2021.

Under the Biden administration, lax border policies encouraged both human and drug trafficking, officials warned in 2021.

Customs and Border Patrol reported the highest ever annual number of migrants crossing the southern United States border in 2022 at 2.37 million encounters.

The biden administration’s failed policy of refusing to act on the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border has allowed Mexican cartels with evil intent to gain control of what was once a secure border. The wall that President Trump built, along with the military presence he deployed, made a huge impact in curtailing this crisis. Now that these deterrents are no longer in place, the border has become an out of control emergency situation and it is clear that the way of life for residents of Yuma, Arizona is in serious jeopardy. It is absolutely wrong and shameful that inaction from political leaders has allowed evil cartels to have such a stranglehold over our most vital national security asset yet no action is taken to immediately deploy resources to regain control!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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