Baldwin on the Run? Hilaria’s Bold Plot Unleashed to Bamboozle

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It was a baldwin and switch. Hilaria Baldwin appears to have pulled one over on the press camped out in front of her Greenwich Village home after her husband, Alec Baldwin, got charged for his part in the fatal ‘Rust’ shooting. 

Hollywood elites tend to think they are better than everyone else and don’t need to be accountable or accessible to the public, particularly after manslaughter charges were filed against one of the most elite.

NY Post reports. As Hilaria Baldwin appeared ready to address the charges her husband, Alec Baldwin, faces for his role in the fatal “Rust” shooting, she lured reporters away from their home.

As Hilaria emerged from their Greenwich Village home with their newborn, she told the reporters gathered outside that she had a statement and to gather around her since she would only be saying this once.


Alec made a quick escape as she spoke. Actor slipped into a van idling for him on their street – which was conveniently blocked off by barricades for all other vehicles.

Having finished her bait-and-switch statement, the yoga instructor – who has been accused of faking her Spanish accent and heritage – was seen going back inside and high-fiving the doorman.

The mega woke, anti gun actor is facing some hefty charges after he discharged a firearm causing a loss of life.

NY Times reports, 

On Oct. 21, 2021, the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot dead by Baldwin, who faces two charges of involuntary manslaughter. After telling him the revolver he was practicing with was “cold,” which means it didn’t contain live ammunition, it suddenly fired.

Mary Carmack-Altwies, the district attorney for Santa Fe County, said on Thursday that she planned to argue in court that Mr. A jury found Baldwin did not exercise “due caution or circumspection” when drawing an old-fashioned revolver from its holster, that he should have made sure the gun did not contain live rounds, and that he should not have pointed the weapon at the cinematographer. According to her, forensic evidence showed Mr. Baldwin pulled the trigger; Mr. Baldwin denies that, saying the gun discharged unexpectedly after he pulled the hammer back and let it go.

The norms and practices of the film and television industry will likely take center stage as the case progresses. It is industry standard for no one to be issued a firearm without being properly trained in safety, but the prop master or designated weapons handler has the responsibility of checking guns before each use.

It was an unexpected turn of events; Hilaria Baldwin managed to pull a fast one on the media gathered outside her and Alec Baldwin’s home, distracting them long enough for him to relocate following his “Rust” charges. Alec Baldwin is now being held accountable for his actions as it became painfully apparent that industry standards such as gun safety were not followed properly resulting in Halyna Hutchin’s tragic death. While we all have a right to pursue happiness and freedom, surely these rights do not come free of consequence. Regardless of Alec Baldwin’s status or wealth, society cannot simply look away when crimes have been committed; this shocking wake up call hopefully will serve to remind us of the importance of taking responsibility for our actions no matter who we are.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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