Drug Cartels on a Killing Spree: Is The Military The Answer?

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Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw is not really surprised at the Biden administration’s inability to address the increasing border crisis and illegal immigration, but he is shocked and angry that it has allowed the Mexican drug cartels to smuggle deadly fentanyl across our southern border, unchecked. In response, Crenshaw has championed the use of the U.S. military to combat this dangerous threat to American lives and safety, introducing an ‘Authorized Use of Military Force’ bill against these cartels and other organizations responsible for trafficking fentanyl in the U.S

With millions of illegal aliens coming across our border just last year alone, a record amount of illicit drugs have poured across also, killing tens of thousands of Americans. Now we have Dan Crenshaw wanting to do something to stop this invasion.

Daily Wire reports, Dan Crenshaw advocated deploying the US military to combat drug cartels smuggling deadly fentanyl across the southern border.

Crenshaw spoke with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, who asked Crenshaw what concerned him.


The Military has been needed on the southern border for years, and the AUMF would grant the president some extraordinary powers to combat the cartels.

CS News reports,  Under the AUMF, the president would be authorized to use military force against drug cartels based on their drug trafficking and use of force against U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials and militaries. Additionally, the AUMF specifically names the two biggest cartels in Mexico: the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

According to the text of the bill, the president may use force against foreign actors, countries, or organizations that have committed illegal acts against the United States as outlined in Section 2: Authorization for Use of United States Armed Forces.

The bill prohibits the military from being applied to foreigners outside U.S. territory. The purpose of this provision is to protect U.S. citizens’ civil liberties.

In addition, the AUMF calls for its own termination after five years of enactment.

With drug cartels running rampant due to illegal immigration and our border crisis, it’s no surprise that Rep. Dan Crenshaw wants to use the military to stop their trafficking of deadly fentanyl. The Authorized Use of Military Force against the cartels is a logical step forward, but why wasn’t this introduced years ago? President Biden has failed in trying to handle the issue and it’s becoming a startling reality that we need Donald Trump back in office with his wall-building agenda to truly keep us safe. It’ll take more than Biden for our country to fully combat drug cartels, so let’s work hard to make sure he loses in 2024, before things become even more dire!

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